Executive Order 289

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Section VIII of Schedule A of the civil service rules is hereby amended by adding the following named positions:

Chief justice and judges of supreme and circuit courts.
Clerks of the supreme and circuit courts.
Marshals of the supreme and circuit courts.
Municipal judges.
Occasional officers of courts, such as referees, trustees, commissioners, and guardians ad litem.
Notaries public.
Mayors of municipalities.
Municipal secretaries.
Assessors of taxes.
One private secretary to governor of Canal Zone.
Warden and keeper of penitentiary at Gorgona.
One chief of police.
Captains of police.
Corporals and privates of police force.
All employees in mechanical trades or other skilled manual occupations who are appointed locally upon the Isthmus of Panama, and whose compensation is $4 per diem or less, or $100 per month or less while actually employed.
Signature of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt.

White House,

January 5, 1905.

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