Fugitive Poetry. 1600–1878

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Fugitive Poetry. 1600–1878 (1878)
edited by J. C. Hutchieson
4077641Fugitive Poetry. 1600–18781878
Fugitive Poetry
Fugitive Poetry

The "Chandos Classics."'

Fugitive Poetry.


Compiled and edited by

J. C. Hutchieson,

Author of "village Voices," etc.

Frederick Warne and Co.
Frederick Warne and Co.


Frederick Warne and Co.

Bedford Street, Strand.

Ballantyne Press
Ballantyne and Hanson, Edinburgh
Chandos Street, London


In assigning myself the task of compiling the present volume of Fugitive Poetry, I was not unaware of the difficulty attendant on such an undertaking, to wit, the certainty of the liability to err repeating itself at every step, from so many pieces having been published anonymously whose authors are now known, and the probability of compilers setting down as anonymous pieces whose authors were unknown to them.

Although I have used all care and inquiry to clear doubt and avoid error, in so far as they presented themselves, I am constrained to remark that I should not be surprised to hear that a few pieces are included into this collection whose authors are known to some, or whose authorships may yet be claimed. It is possible that such a work as the present could be in a great measure perfected, although beyond the power of one person to accomplish, and I will therefore be glad to hear from any one who may discover in the present collection any piece whose authorship is known.

I take the present opportunity to return thanks to friends who have rendered me assistance in collecting, and also to those Editors and Publishers who have readily granted permission to include in this selection pieces from their compilations, &c., that are held as copyright; but, should any have been inserted, either by accident, or through ignorance, in respect of which permission ought to have been obtained, I trust that this will serve as an apology for the oversight or omission, and that their like generosity will be extended towards me.

From Fugitive Prose I have made a few extracts and selections, which, I trust, will be an acceptable supplement.

J. C. H.

Stoneywood, near Aberdeen.


Chapters (not listed in original)

Index of First Lines


The Chandos Library.

A Scries of Standard World in all Classes of Literature.

In crown 8vo, price 3s. 6d, each, cloth gilt.

The Percy Anecdotes.
By Reuben and Sholto Percy. Verbatim Reprint of Onemal Edition. Introduction by John Timbs. Original Steel Portraits, and Index. Three Vols., each Complete in itself.
Pepys' Diary and Correspondence.
With Seven Steel Portraits arranged as a Frontispiece, Memoir, Introductory Preface, and Full Index.
Abbeys, Castles, and Ancient Halls of England and Wales.
Their Legendary Lore, and Popular History—South, Midland, North. By John Timbs, and Alexander Gunn. New Frontispiece. Three Vols. Each Volume Complete in itself.
Johnson's Lives of the Poets.
With Critical Observations on their Works, and a Sketch of the Author's Life by Sir Walter Scott. Steel Frontispiece.
Evelyn's Diary and Correspondence.
Edited by Bray. 784 pp. With Frontispiece and full Index.
Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
Portrait. Three Vols.
A Century of Anecdote.
Compiled and Edited by John Timbs. With Frontispiece.
Pope's Homer's Iliad and Odyssey.
Flaxman's Illustrations.
The Spanish Ballads.
Translated by J. B. Lockhart, LL.B. And The Chronicle of The Cid, by Robert Southey. With Portraits.
Don Quixote (Life and Adventures of).
By Cervantes. With Illustrations.
Gil Blas (The Adventured of).
By Le Sale. With illustrations.
The Koran. A Verbatim Reprint.
By Sale. With Maps and Pitas.
The Talmud (Selections from).
By H. Polano.
The Book of Authors.
A Cotlection of Criticisms, Ana, Môts, Personal Description, &c. By W. Clark Russell.
Carpenter's Public-School Speaker.
With Portrait.
Walton and Cotton's Angler.
Edited, with Notes, by G. Christopher Davies.
The Peninsular War and The Campaigns of Wellington in France and Belgium.
By H. R. Clinton.
Fugitive Poetry of the Last Three Centuries.

Frederick Warne & Co., Bedford Street, Strand.


A Series of carefully Edited, well-printed, with Oxford Redline Border, Original Notes, Steel Portraits, and full-page Illustrations.

Large crown 8vo, cloth, extra gilt, gilt edges, price 3s. 6d. each; or in morocco elegant, 8s.

Shakspeare's Poetical Works.
Longfellow's Poetical Works.
Byron's Poetical Works.
Eliza Good's, Poems.
Scott's Poetical Works.
Burns' Poetical Works.
Songs, Sacred and Devotional.
Golden Leaves from The American Poets.
Legendary Ballads of England & Scotland.
Moore's Poetical Works.
Cowper's Poetical Works.
Miltons Poetical Works.
Wordsworth's Poetical Works.
Mrs. Hemans' Poetical Works.
The Poets' Year.
Hood's Poetical Works.
Campbell's Poetical Works.
Keats' Poetical Works.
Coleridge's Poetical Works.
Shelley's Poetical Works.
Mackay's Complete Poetical Works.
Pope's Poetical Works.
Goldsmiths Poetical Works.
Dodd's Beauties of Shakspeare.
Montgomerys (J.) Poetical Works.
Johnson's Lives of The Poets.
Heber's (bishop) Poetical Works.
Herbert's (George) Poems and Prose.
Michell's Nature and Life.
Laurel and Lyre.

Also, uniform in size, without Red-line Border.

Songs, Sacred and Devotional.
Golden Leaves from The American Poets.
Legendary Ballads of England & Scotland.
The Poets' Year.
Campbell's Poetical Works.
Keats' Poetical Works.
Coleridge's Poetical Works.
Michell's Nature and Life.
Laurel and Lyre.

Frederick Warne & Co., Bedford Street, Strand.

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