Harbor Blaze

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Harbor Blaze  (1959) 
by Universal Newspaper Newsreel



Chemical Blasts Rock Port Of N. Y.


Ed Herlihy
On the Jersey City waterfront, one of the port of New York's most spectacular blazes, a conflagration touched off by a chemical explosion, kept going like a chain reaction by a continuing series of minor blasts. Exploding drops of chemicals were hurled hundreds of feet in the air as firemen battled in 92 degree heat to contain the blaze.

Looming clouds of smoke and fireballs were visible and audible across New York Bay, while to the west a New Jersey turnpike extension was fogged out by smoke.

The scene is only a few hundred yards from the still remembered Black Tom explosion of World War I, among the most catastrophic harbor blasts of all time. Minor in comparison, this blaze is serious enough to fell 21 firemen.

After 4 hours, the inferno is reported officially as contained, but it is still a scene of blazing-

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