History of Norfolk

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An essay towards a topographical history of the county of Norfolk
Francis Blomefield (Volumes 1 to 5)
Charles Parkin (Volumes 6 to 11)

Written c. 1736; published 1805-10.

Instructions for use[edit]

Each volume (with the exception of volumes 3 and 4) contains details about three or four hundreds, which each contain information on ~ a dozen villages in that hundred. If you don't know which hundred you want, the volume pages list the villages contained in each.


  • Introduction.
  • Volume 1: Diss. Giltcross. Shropham.
  • Volume 2: Thetford. Grimeshou. Wayland. Forehoe.
  • Volume 3: The History of the City and County of Norwich, part I.
  • Volume 4: The History of the City and County of Norwich, part II.
  • Volume 5: Humble-yard. Depewade. Earsham. Henstede.
  • Volume 6: South Greenhow. South Erpingham.
  • Volume 7: Gallow and Brothercross. Blofield. Clackclose.
  • Volume 8: Clavering. North Erpingham. Eynford. Freebridge.
  • Volume 9: Freebridge (concluded). North Greenhow. Happing. Holt. Launditch.
  • Volume 10: Launditch (concluded). Loddon. Mitford. Smethdon. Taverham.
  • Volume 11: Tunstede. Walsham. West and East Flegg. Great Yarmouth. Indexes.