Homer's Battle of the Frogs and Mice/Homer's Battle of the Frogs and Mice

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Homer's Battle of the Frogs and Mice
by Homer, translated by Thomas Parnell
Homer's Battle of the Frogs and Mice
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Names of the Mice.

Psycarpax, One who plunders Granaries.
Troxartas, A Bread-eater.
Lychomile, A Licker of Meal.
Pternotractas, A Bacon-eater.
Lychopinax, A Licker of Dishes.
Embasichytros, A Creeper into Pots.
Lychenor, A Name from Licking.
Troglodytes, One who runs into Holes.
Artophagus, Who feeds on Bread.
Tyroglyphus, A Cheese-Scooper.
Pternoglyphus, A Bacon-Scooper.
Pternophogus, A Bacon-Eater.
Cnissodioctes, One who follows the Steam of Kitchens.
Sitophagus, An Eater of Wheat.
Meridarpax, One who plunders his Share.

Names of the Frogs.

Physignathus, One who swells his Cheeks.
Peleus, A Name from Mud.
Hydromeduse, A Ruler in the Waters.
Hypsiboas, A loud Bawler.
Pelion, From Mud.
Seutlæus, Call'd from the Beets.
Polyphonus, A great Babbler.
Lymnocharis, One who loves the Lake.
Crambophagus, Cabbage-eater.
Lymnisius, Call'd from the Lake.
Calaminthius, From the Herb.
Hydrocharis, Who loves the Water
Borborocates, Who lies in the Mud
Prassophagus, An Eater of Garlick.
Pelusius, From Mud.
Pelobates, Who walks in the Dirt.
Prassæus, Call'd from Garlick.
Craugasides, from Croaking.

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