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Canadian Alpine Journal I, 1.djvu


Greetings. By William Whyte, Second Vice-President, Canadian Pacific Railway 1
The Alpine Club of Canada. By Elizabeth Parker 3
Memories of the Mountains. By Sir Sandford Fleming, K. C. M. G. 9
Biographical Sketch—The All Red Line. Editorial 34
The Canadian Rockies, a field for an Alpine Club. By Arthur O. Wheeler, F. R. G. S. 36
Canada's First Alpine Club Camp. By Frank Yeigh 47
How We Climbed Cascade. By the Rev. C. W. Gordon, D. D. (Ralph Connor) 58
Camping in the Canadian Rockies. By Mary M. Vaux 67
The Ascent of Mt. Goodsir. By Chas. E. Fay, Litt. D., President American Alpine Club 72
The Ascent of Mt. Hungabee. By Herschel C. Parker, Ph. D. 80
The Ascent of Mt. Ball. By John D. Patterson 85
The Ascent of Mt. Assiniboine. By Gertrude E. Benham 90
The Ascent of Mt. Hermit. By the Rev. S. H. Gray 95
The First Ascent of Central Peak of Mt. Bagheera. By W. S. Jackson 100
The Ascent of Mt. Macoun. By the Rev. J. C. Herdman, D. D. 104
The Climb of Crow's Nest Mountain. By P. D. McTavish 108
The Ascents of Mts. Marpole and Amgadamo. By the Revs. A. M. Gordon, Alex. Dunn and A. O. MacRae 115
Mt. Stephen. By the Rev. G. R. B. Kinney 118
Glossary of Mountaineering Terms. Compiled by Arthur O. Wheeler 123
The Mountain Wildflowers of Western Canada. By Julia W. Henshaw 130
Glacier Observations. By Geo. Vaux, Jr., and William S. Vaux 138
Observations of the Yoho Glacier. By Arthur O. Wheeler, F. R. G. S. 149
Alpine Club Notes 160
Report of Secretary 164
Statement of Treasurer 167
Report of Librarian 168
Report of the Yoho Camp, July, 1906 169
Report of Chief Mountaineer 171
Receipts and Expenditures, Yoho Camp 177
Constitution 178
List of Members 182
The All-Red Line Around the World 34
The Tongue and Moraines of the Illecillewaet Glacier. To accompany "Glacier Observations" by Geo. and W. S. Vaux 142
The Wapta Icefield. To accompany "Observations of the Yoho Glacier," by Arthur O. Wheeler 156