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Index:Fighting in Cuban Waters.djvu

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Title Fighting in Cuban Waters
Author Edward Stratemeyer
Illustrator A. B. Shute
Year 1899
Publisher Lee and Shepard
Location Boston
Source djvu
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in August 2013


I. Walter determines to enter the Navy 1
II. A Visit to the Navy-Yard 14
III. A Chase and its Result 28
IV. On the Way to the "Brooklyn" 42
V. Something about War and Prize Money 55
VI. A Glimpse of the President 68
VII. A Talk about Spanish Sailors 82
VIII. The Men behind the Guns 95
IX. Commodore Winfield Scott Schley 108
X. Walter shows his Pluck 121
XI. The Sailing of the Flying Squadron 133
XII. An Adventure off Charleston 143
XIII. In which the Gold Piece comes to Light 154
XIV. Key West, and the Last of Jim Haskett 164
XV. From Cienfuegos to Santiago Bay 174
XVI. The Finding of Admiral Cervera's Fleet 184
XVII. In which the "Merrimac" is Sunk 194
XVIII. Walter's Adventure on Shore 204
XIX. Carlos, the Rebel Spy 215
XX. In the Hands of the Enemy 223
XXI. The Flight to the Seacoast 232
XXII. The Landing of the Marines at Guantanamo 243
XXIII. In a Spanish Prison 251
XXIV. Back to the "Brooklyn" again 262
XXV. The Bombardment of the Santiago Batteries 272
XXVI. In which the Army of Invasion arrives 282
XXVII. The Spanish Fleet and its Commander 294
XXVIII. "The Enemy is Escaping!" 304
XXIX. The Destruction of the Spanish Fleet 315
XXX. Final Scenes of the Great Fight 326
XXXI. Together Once More—Conclusion 335