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Translator's Note vii
Introduction 1

Part I : General

Chap. I. The Meaning of Health 9
Chap. II. The Human Body 11
Chap. III. Air 14
Chap. IV. Water 25
Chap. V. Food 29
Chap. VI. How much and how many times should we eat? 55
Chap. VII. Exercise 59
Chap. VIII. Dress 64
Chap. IX. Sexual Relations 69

Part II: Some Simple Treatments

Chap. I. Air Treatment 83
Chap. II. Water Cure 86
Chap. III. The Use of Earth 95
Chap. IV. Fever and its Cures 98
Chap. V. Constipation, Dysentery, etc. 101

Chap. VI. Contagious Diseases: Small-pox 104
Chap. VII. Other Contagious Diseases 112
Chap. VIII. Maternity and Child-Birth 117
Chap. IX. Care of Child 121
Chap. X. Accidents—Drowning 127
Chap. XI. Accidents—Burns and Scalds 130
Chap. XII. Accidents—Snake Bite 132
Chap. XIII. Accidents—Scorpion-sting, etc. 140
Chap. XIV. Conclusion 142