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The Time Machine (1st edition).djvu

Note: This is a first edition of the "Holt text", the version published in America. There are substantual textual differences between this and the British "Heinemann text", upon which most modern reprints are based.


I. The Inventor, 1
II. The Time Traveler Returns, 25
III. The Story Begins, 38
IV. The Golden Age, 52
V. Sunset, 63
VI. The Machine is Lost, 79
VII. The Strange Animal, 92
VIII. The Morlocks, 120
IX. When the Night Came, 134
X. The Palace of Green Porcelain, 151
XI. In the Darkness of the Forest, 168
XII. The Trap of the White Sphinx, 185
XIII. The Further Vision, 192
XIV. After the Time Traveler's Story, 207