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I. The Blessed By W. B. Yeats Page 11
II. Merely Players Henry Harland 19
III. Sonnets from the Portuguese Richard Garnett, C.B.,LL.D 51
IV. The Christ of Toro Mrs. Cunningham Grahame 56
V. The Question Stephen Phillips 74
VI. Concerning Preciosity John M. Robertson 79
VII. Sir Dagonet's Quest F. B. Money Coutts 107
VIII. The Runaway Marion Hepworth Dixon 110
IX. Pierrot Olive Custance 121
X. On the Toss of a Penny Cecil de Thierry 129
XI. April of England A. Myron 143
XII. At Old Italian Casements Dora Greenwell McChesney 144
XIII. The Rose Henry W. Nevinson 153
XIV. An Immortal Sidney Benson Thorp 156
XV. The Noon of Love J. A. Blaikie 167
XVI. The Other Anna Evelyn Sharp 170
XVII. Two Poems Douglas Ainslie 194
XVIII. A Melodrama T. Baron Russell 205
XIX. Oasis Rosamund Marriott Watson 212
XX. A Pair of Parricides Francis Watt 213
XXI. Kit: an American Boy Jennie A. Eustace 237
XXII. Forgetfulness R. V. Risley 257
XXIII. Lucy Wren Ada Radford 272
XXIV. Sir Julian Garve Ella D'Arcy 291
XXV. Two Prose Fancies Richard Le Gallienne 308


I. Vanity By D. Y. Cameron Page 7
II. Winter Evening on the Clyde Muirhead Bone 14
III. Old Houses off the Dry Gate, Glasgow Muirhead Bone 14
IV. The Black Cockade Katharine Cameron 76
V. An Introduction Ethel Reed 123
VI. A Vision Ethel Reed 123
VII. Fine Feathers make Fine Birds A. Bauerle 107
VIII. An Eastern Town Patten Wilson 197
IX. Book-plate of Egerton Clairmonte, Esq. Patten Wilson 197
X. Book-plate of H. B. Marriott Watson, Esq. Patten Wilson 129
XI. Book-plate of S. Carey Curtis, Esq. Patten Wilson 197
XII. Helen E. J. Sullivan 227
XIII. The Sorceress E. J. Sullivan 227
XIV. The Couch E. J. Sullivan 227
XV. The Mirror E. J. Sullivan 227
XVI. The Fairy Prince Charles Conder 285
XVII. A Masque Charles Conder 285
XVIII. A Shepherd Boy E. Philip Pimlott 317