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I A Suspicious Jeweler 1
II A Midnight Visit 10
III A Strange Story 24
IV Andy Foger Gets a Fright 36
V A Mysterious Man 46
VI Mr. Damon Is on Hand 55
VII Mr. Parker Predicts 62
VIII Off for the West 72
IX A Warning by Wireless 81
X Dropping the Stowaway 89
XI A Weary Search 100
XII The Great Stone Head 106
XIII On Phantom Mountain 114
XIV Warned Back 123
XV The Landslide 130
XVI The Vast Cavern 138
XVII The Phantom Captured 148
XVIII Bill Renshaw Will Help 159
XIX In the Secret Cave 165
XX Making the Diamonds 172
XXI Flashing Gems 181
XXII Prisoners 187
XXIII Broken Bonds 193
XXIV In Great Peril 200
XXV The Mountain Shattered—Conclusion 207