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Title William Blake, painter and poet
Author Richard Garnett
Year 1895
Publisher Seeley
Location London
Source djvu
Progress Done—All pages of the work proper are validated
Transclusion Fully transcluded
Validated in February 2010



The Sons of God. From the Book of Job Frontispiece
The Lamb, and Infant Joy. Songs of Innocence to face 20
The Fly, and the Tiger. Songs of Experience "" 24
The Book of Thel, title-page. In facsimile by W. Griggs "" 33
""page vi."" "" 36
America, page "" 42
"page "" 48


Morning, or Glad Day. From an engraving by W. Blake 11
Illustration from "David Simple." Engraved by W. Blake after T. Stothard, R.A. 17
From a coloured copy of the "Songs of Innocence and Experience." British Museum 22
Frontispiece of Mary Wollstonecraft's "Stories" 24
Page of Young's "Night Thoughts." Illustrated by W. Blake 26
I want! I want!—Help! Help!—Aged Ignorance!—Death's Door 28
Design from the "Book of Urizen." By W. Blake 34
The Ancient of Days setting a Compass to the Earth. From a water-colour drawing by W. Blake. British Museum 39
Sweeping the Parlour in the Interpreter's House 40
Design from "Milton." By W. Blake 47
Portrait of William Blake. From the engraving by L. Schiavonetti, after T. Phillips, R.A 50

The Reunion of Soul and Body. From Blair's "Grave," illustrated by W. Blake

The Babylonian Woman on the Seven-headed Beast. From a water-colour drawing by W. Blake. British Museum 55
Portrait of Wilson Lowry. By John Linnell. Engraved by Blake and Linnell. 61
The Resurrection of the Dead. From a water-colour drawing by W. Blake. British Museum 63
Woodcut from Thornton's Pastoral 64
The Destruction of Job's Sons and Daughters. From the "Book of Job." By W. Blake 67
With dreams upon my bed thou scarest me. From the "Book of Job." By W. Blake 69
Behemoth and Leviathan. From the "Book of Job." By W. Blake 71