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Style guide[edit]

Article titles[edit]

  • The bold text at the beginning of the article is the article name, and is to be used as the article title.
  • If the article name ends in a period, drop the period unless it's an abbreviation like "&c." or "Abbr."
  • If the article name is in Greek or another alphabet, then the article title will also be in the Greek or other alphabet.
  • If the article name contains [square brackets], replace them with (parentheses).
  • If the article name contains non-bold text, include that non-bold text in the title.
  • Disambiguate articles the same way we disambiguate pages on Wikisource. Works by author, then by date; authors by dates of birth and death.
  • If there is still question of how to proceed, discuss below.


  • The first mention of any person or work in every article should be linked. This includes the article title if the article is about a work or person.
  • Also, the first mention of any particular version of a work should be linked.
  • If there is a list of works, and the works have already been linked earlier in the article, link them again.
  • Linking to other DoH articles should be done if this is obviously intended. Such links are often formatted [like this]. The template {{DoH lkpl}} can be used for the link itself.


  • Use {{DoH footer initials}} for footer initials.
  • Use formatting such as that generated by {{DoH header}} for page headers ... though whether the template itself is useful or not may be worth discussing further.


Beleg Tâl (talk) 19:18, 14 November 2017 (UTC)