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Poems  (1823)  by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
The Female Head on the left of "The Hours."

Literary Gazette, 3rd May 1823, Page 286

The Female Head on the left of “the Hours." [1]

A dream of saddest beauty: one pale smile
Its light upon the blue-veined forehead shed,
As Love had lingered there one little while,
Robbed the cheek of its colour, and then fled;
Yet leaving a sweet twilight shade, which said
There had been sunshine once. Alas! the bloom,
The light, the hope, at Love's shrine offered!
Yet all in vain,—that altar is a tomb
Of broken hearts, its oracle but words of doom!

L.E. L.

  1. See poem on previous page. Unless a catalogue exists, it is unlikely that this work can be identified.