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Literary Gazette, 3rd May 1823, Page 285


This delightful lounge was so crowded on Monday that we could hardly see the beauties of Art for the beauties of Nature (we do not include gentlemen—especially lusty gentlemen.) The sight was altogether very gratifying, because very British and national. Next Monday is the last day—we mean, for opening this mansion so richly adorned with the productions of Native talent.

Literary Gazette, 3rd May 1823, Page 286

[Sketched from Sir John Leicester's Gallery]
The Hours, by Howard.

    Wouldst thou know what life should be?
    Were it mine but to decree
    What its path should be for Thee?
Look upon those sister powers,
Chained, but only chained with flowers,—
That bright group of rose-winged Hours:
    Sunny ones, whose beauty seems
    Just made for the rainbow gleams
    Of Fancy or of Pleasure's dreams;
Softer ones, whose shadows suit
With the Maiden stealing mute,
Guided by her Lover's lute.
    But all lovely, and all bright,
    Smiles of hope and plumes of light,—
    Happiness is in their flight.
Oh, if fond love could decree
Hours of life, just such should be,
Or fairer yet, the Hours for Thee![1]

  1. Signature after next poem