Le Morte d'Arthur/Volume II/Book XVI

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Chapters (not listed in original)
  • Chapter I: How Sir Gawaine was nigh weary of the quest of the Sangreal, and of his marvellous dream
  • Chapter II: Of the advision of Sir Ector, and how he jousted with Sir Uwaine les Avoutres, his sworn brother
  • Chapter III: How Sir Gawaine and Sir Ector came to an hermitage to be confessed, and how they told to the hermit their advisions
  • Chapter IV: How the hermit expounded their advision
  • Chapter V: Of the good counsel that the hermit gave to them
  • Chapter VI: How Sir Bors met with an hermit, and how he was confessed to him, and of his penance enjoined to him
  • Chapter VII: How Sir Bors was lodged with a lady, and how he took upon him for to fight against a champion for her land
  • Chapter VIII: Of an advision which Sir Bors had that night, and how he fought and overcame his adversary
  • Chapter IX: How the lady was returned to her lands by the battle of Sir Bors, and of his departing, and how he met Sir Lionel taken and beaten with thorns, and also of a maid which should have been devoured
  • Chapter X: How Sir Bors left to rescue his brother, and rescued the damosel; and how it was told him that Lionel was dead
  • Chapter XI: How Sir Bors told his dream to a priest, which he had dreamed, and of the counsel that the priest gave to him
  • Chapter XII: How the devil in a woman's likeness would have had Sir Bors to have lain by her, and how by God's grace he escaped
  • Chapter XIII: Of the holy communication of an Abbot to Sir Bors, and how the Abbot counselled him
  • Chapter XIV: How Sir Bors met with his brother Sir Lionel, and how Sir Lionel would have slain Sir Bors
  • Chapter XV: How Sir Colgrevance fought against Sir Lionel for to save Sir Bors, and how the hermit was slain
  • Chapter XVI: How Sir Lionel slew Sir Colgrevance, and how after he would have slain Sir Bors
  • Chapter XVII: How there came a voice which charged Sir Bors to touch him not, and of a cloud that came between them