Le Morte d'Arthur/Volume II/Book XVII

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Chapters (not listed in original)
  • Chapter I: How Sir Galahad fought at a tournament, and how he was known of Sir Gawaine and Sir Ector de Maris
  • Chapter II: How Sir Galahad rode with a damosel, and came to the ship whereas Sir Bors and Sir Percivale were in
  • Chapter III: How Sir Galahad entered into the ship, and of a fair bed therein, with other marvellous things, and of a sword
  • Chapter IV: Of the marvels of the sword and of the scabbard
  • Chapter V: How King Pelles was smitten through both thighs because he drew the sword, and other marvellous histories
  • Chapter VI: How Solomon took David's sword by the counsel of his wife, and of other matters marvellous
  • Chapter VII: A wonderful tale of King Solomon and his wife
  • Chapter VIII: How Galahad and his fellows came to a castle, and how they were fought withal, and how they slew their adversaries, and other matters
  • Chapter IX: How the three knights, with Percivale's sister, came unto the same forest, and of an hart and four lions, and other things
  • Chapter X: How they were desired of a strange custom, the which they would not obey; wherefore they fought and slew many knights
  • Chapter XI: How Sir Percivale's sister bled a dish full of blood for to heal a lady, wherefore she died; and how that the body was put in a ship
  • Chapter XII: How Galahad and Percivale found in a castle many tombs of maidens that had bled to death
  • Chapter XIII: How Sir Launcelot entered into the ship where Sir Percivale's sister lay dead, and how he met with Sir Galahad, his son
  • Chapter XIV: How a knight brought unto Sir Galahad a horse, and bade him come from his father, Sir Launcelot
  • Chapter XV: How Sir Launcelot was to-fore the door of the chamber wherein the Holy Sangreal was
  • Chapter XVI: How Sir launcelot had lain four-and-twenty days and as many nights as a dead man, and other divers matters
  • Chapter XVII: How Sir Launcelot returned towards Logris, and of other adventures which he saw in the way
  • Chapter XVIII: How Galahad came to King Mordrains, and of other matters and adventures
  • Chapter XIX: How Sir Percivale and Sir Bors met with Sir Galahad, and how they came to the castle of Carbonek, and other matters
  • Chapter XX: How Galahad and his fellows were fed of the Holy Sangreal, and how Our Lord appeared to them, and other things
  • Chapter XXI: How Galahad anointed with the blood of the spear the Maimed King, and of other adventures
  • Chapter XXII: How they were fed with the Sangreal while they were in prison, and how Galahad was made king
  • Chapter XXIII: Of the sorrow that Percivale and Bors made when Galahad was dead: and of Percivale how he died, and other matters