Le Morte d'Arthur/Volume II/Book XVIII

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Chapters (not listed in original)
  • Chapter I: Of the joy King Arthur and the queen had of the achievement of the Sangreal; and how Launcelot fell to his old love again
  • Chapter II: How the queen commanded Sir Launcelot to avoid the court, and of the sorrow that Launcelot made
  • Chapter III: How at a dinner that the queen made there was a knight enpoisoned, which Sir Mador laid on the queen
  • Chapter IV: How Sir Mador appeached the queen of treason, and there was no knight would fight for her at the first time
  • Chapter V: How the queen required Sir Bors to fight for her, and how he granted upon condition; and how he warned Sir Launcelot thereof
  • Chapter VI: How at the day Sir Bors made him ready for to fight for the queen; and when he would fight how another discharged him
  • Chapter VII: How Sir Launcelot fought against Sir Mador for the queen, and how he overcame Sir Mador, and discharged the queen
  • Chapter VIII: How the truth was known by the Maiden of the Lake, and of divers other matters
  • Chapter IX: How Sir Launcelot rode to Astolat, and received a sleeve to wear upon his helm at the request of a maid
  • Chapter X: How the tourney began at Winchester, and what knights were at the jousts; and other things
  • Chapter XI: How Sir Launcelot and Sir Lavaine entered in the field against them of King Arthur's court, and how Launcelot was hurt
  • Chapter XII: How Sir Launcelot and Sir Lavaine departed out of the field, and in what jeopardy Launcelot was
  • Chapter XIII: How Launcelot was brought to an hermit for to be healed of his wound, and of other matters
  • Chapter XIV: How Sir Gawaine was lodged with the lord of Astolat, and there had knowledge that it was Sir Launcelot that bare the red sleeve
  • Chapter XV: Of the sorrow that Sir Bors had for the hurt of Launcelot; and of the anger that the queen had because Launcelot bare the sleeve
  • Chapter XVI: How Sir Bors sought Launcelot and found him in the hermitage, and of the lamentation between them
  • Chapter XVII: How Sir Launcelot armed him to assay if he might bear arms, and how his wounds brast out again
  • Chapter XVIII:ow Sir Bors returned and told tidings of Sir Launcelot; and of the tourney, and to whom the prize was given
  • Chapter XIX: Of the great lamentation of the Fair Maid of Astolat when Launcelot should depart, and how she died for his love
  • Chapter XX: How the corpse of the Maid of Astolat arrived to-fore King Arthur, and of the burying, and how Sir Launcelot offered the mass-penny
  • Chapter XXI: Of great jousts done all a Christmas, and of a great jousts and tourney ordained by King Arthur, and of Sir Launcelot
  • Chapter XXII: How Launcelot after that he was hurt of a gentlewoman came to an hermit, and of other matters
  • Chapter XXIII: How Sir Launcelot behaved him at the jousts, and other men also
  • Chapter XXIV: How King Arthur marvelled much of the jousting in the field, and how he rode and found Sir Launcelot
  • Chapter XXV: How true love is likened to summer