Letters of Julian/Letter 15

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From The Works of the Emperor Julian, volume III (1913) Loeb Classical Library.

15. To Bishop Aetius[1][edit]

[362 Jan Constantinople]

I have remitted their sentence of exile for all in common who were banished in whatever fashion by Constantius of blessed memory, on account of the folly of the Galilaeans.[2] But in your case, I not only remit your exile, but also, since I am mindful of our old acquaintance and intercourse, I invite you to come to me. You will use a public conveyance[3] as far as my headquarters, and one extra horse.


  1. See Introduction under Aetius.
  2. Julian always scoffed at the disputes of the Arians with the various other sects of the Church.
  3. i.e. he was given the privilege of using an official carriage, provided by the state.