Mother Earth

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Mother Earth
Emma Goldman (publisher)

A radical political journal first published in March 1906 by anarchist Emma Goldman. Alexander Berkman, another well-known anarchist, was the magazine's typesetter. Mother Earth advocated radical political causes, labor agitation, and opposition to the U.S. government on a variety of issues. Its subscribers and supporters formed a virtual 'who's who' of the radical left in America in the years prior to 1920. The magazine ran from March 1906 to August 1917. Scans may be found here and here.

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Date Issue Title Author(s) Comments
March 1906 Vol. I, no. 1 Mother Earth Emma Goldman, Max Baginski
March 1906 Vol. I, no. 1 The Song of the Storm-Finch Maxim Gorky Poem
March 1906 Vol. I, no. 1 Observations and Comments a regular column in each issue of the magazine
March 1906 Vol. I, no. 1 The Tragedy of Woman's Emancipation Emma Goldman Later published as part of Anarchism and Other Essays
July 1909 Vol. IV, no. 5 A New Declaration of Independence Emma Goldman
April 1910 Vol. V, no. 2 Some Definitions Anonymous Republished in Vol. VII, no. 10, December 1912
May 1911 Vol. VI, no. 3 The "American Sovereign" Eugene O'Neill Poem, originally unsigned, but attributed to him in 1979 making it his first printed piece
June 1911 Vol. VI, no. 4 Freedom Lola Ridge Poem
April 1913 Vol. VIII, no. 2 The Failure of Christianity Emma Goldman
May 1914 Vol. IX, no. 3 Remember Ludlow! Julia May Courtney
June 1915 Vol. X, no. 4 Flowers and Ashes Louise Bryant Poem
Dec 1915 Vol. X, no. 10 Preparedness, the Road to Universal Slaughter Emma Goldman
Feb 1916 Vol. X, no. 12 The Philosophy of Atheism Emma Goldman