Nicene Creed (325)

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English-language translations of
Σύμβολον τῆς Νικαίας (Nicene Creed)
by First Council of Nicaea

The Nicene Creed is a concise summary of the core beliefs of Christianity, primarily concerned with defining the nature of the three persons comprising the Trinity - God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. It was adopted by the First Ecumenical Council, held in Nicaea in 325. The term is also loosely but commonly applied to a longer creed traditionally attributed to the Second Ecumenical Council, held in Constantinople in 381 but of which there is evidence only from 451 onward. Because of its supposed origin and because it has been considered to be an elaboration of the Creed of Nicaea, this longer creed is distinguished from the original Nicene Creed by being called the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed.

English-language translations of Σύμβολον τῆς Νικαίας include:

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