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ABEGG. Schumann's op. 1, published 1831, is entitled 'Thême sur le nom Abegg, varié pour le Pianoforte.' The theme itself is given in vol. iii. p. 408 a. It owed its origin to his introduction to a Miss Meta Abegg, of Mannheim, and was written to please one of his friends who was attached to the lady. The 'Mademoiselle Pauline Comtesse d' Abegg,' to whom the piece is dedicated, is a mythical personage. (See Letters, i. 156, 158; ii. 29.)

[ G ]

ABELL, JOHN. The date of the extract from Evelyn should be 'Jan. 27, 1681–2.' It is said that when Abell was at Warsaw he refused to sing before the court, but his objections were overcome by the somewhat summary method of suspending him in a chair in the middle of a large hall, while some bears were admitted below him. He was asked whether he preferred singing to the king and the court, who were in a gallery opposite to him, or being lowered to the bears; he not unnaturally chose the former alternative. He was Intendant at Cassel in 1698 and 1699. (Dict. of Nat. Biog.) For 'Queen Anne' in line 26 of article, read 'William and Mary.'

[ M. ]

ABERT, Johann Joseph, born Sept. 21, 1832, at Kachowitz in Bohemia, began his musical education as a chorister in the church of Gastdorf. In his eighth year he was transferred to the Augustine convent at Leipa, and remained there till his fifteenth year, when he ran away to Prague, and through the assistance of an uncle entered the Conservatorium there. Several of his compositions were performed at the concerts of the school, and in 1852, having attracted the attention of Lindpaintner, then capellmeister at Stuttgart, he received the post of contrabassist in the theatre orchestra of that town. Shortly after this, two symphonies were written. These were followed by a symphonic poem, 'Columbus' (Crystal Palace, Mar. 4, 1865), and by four operas, 'Anna von Landskron,' 'König Enzio,' 'Astorga,' and 'Ekkehard,' besides many works of smaller calibre. On the retirement of Eckert in 1867, Abert succeeded him as Capellmeister, a post he still (1887) retains.—(Mendel's and Riemnnn's Lexicons.)

[ M. ]

ABRAMS, The Misses (vol. 1. 6 a). For Henrietta read Harriet, throughout the article. (Corrected in late editions.)

[ W. H. H. ]

ABT. Add that he died at Wiesbaden, Mar. 31, 1885.

ABU HASSAN, a comic singspiel or operetta in one act, the words by Hiemer, the music by Weber, composed between Aug. 11, 1810, and Jan 12, 1811. It seems to have been produced on the 4th of the following June at Munich, under Winter. In London it was produced in English at Drury Lane in 1835, and in Italian, at Drury Lane on May 12, 1870 (at the same time with Mozart's 'Oca del Cairo'), the translation being made by Marchesi, and the dialogue set to recitative by Arditi. There appear to have been only two performances. [See Weber, vol. iv. pp. 396, 7.]

[ G. ]

ACADEMIE DE MUSIQUE. See also ii. 172 b. On p. 8 b, line 18 from bottom, for 1845 read 1843. Add to last paragraph but one of the article, that MM. Ritt and Gailhard are at present entrepreneurs (1887).

ACADEMY OF ANCIENT MUSIC. On p. 10 b, line 9, for 1828 read 1728. (Corrected in late editions.)

ACADEMY, ROYAL, OF MUSIC. See Royal Academy, vol. iii. p. 185.

ACCADEMIA, p. 11 b, l. 6, for six read five, and cf. p. 259 a. From the list of references given near the bottom of the same column, omit Lombardy, Salerno, Siena, Verona, and Vicenza.

ACCENT. P. 16 a, musical example 29, bars 2 and 3, the first group of notes in each should be quavers, not semi-quavers. In examples 32 and 34, for 2-4 of the time-signature, read 3-4. (Corrected in late editions.)

ACCIDENTALS. See also Cis, Dis, Hexachords, and Notation.

ACCOMPANIMENT. P. 22 a, l. 29, for 1697 read 1698.

'ACH GOTT VOM HIMMEL.' This hymn, the words of which are a paraphrase by Martin Luther on Psalm xi. (Vulgate version), made its first appearance in 1524, when it was printed in at least four different