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MEMOIRS OF MARSHAL OUDINOT, Due de Reggio, Compiled from the hitherto unpublished sou- venirs of the Duchesse de Reggio by Gaston Stiegler, and now first translated into English by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos. With two Portraits in Heliogravure. i2mo. Cloth, $2.oa

" The ' Memoirs of Marshal Oudinot ' are interesting because they in- clude the history of one of the most brilliant periods the world has ever ^tXL.** ^Chicago Evening Pott, " The readmg of this charming, vivacious, and accurate book makes it a continual source of wonder that any one, at this day, should be writing a history of the Napoleonic era. . . . The complete unconsciousness and the exquisite naturahiess of the style are charming." — New York Com- merctai Advertiser, '* This frankly loyal and graphic picturing of a great man's tnie charac- ter, seen from the nearest standpoints by a biographer of wonderful keen- ness, is genuinely refreshing. Vivid and explicit without being unduly sentunenud, it is a book distinctly invaluable to and actually inseparable from a study of French history." —Boston Globe,

    • It is for the side lights of the marshal's life that this book is chiefly

valuable, and wonderfully illiuninating they are. Besides, there is a never- ending diarm in the freshness of the narrative. There is nothing that is dull or monotonous." — Chicago youmal, " Full of new and entertaining material, and has a really significant his- torical value. . . . These memoirs are noteworthy for their gentleness ot tone and their freedom from satire and vituperation. They d«d with great events, and their verj^ simplicity and unpretentiousness are evidence oz their incontestable merit**— Boston Beacon, " The story of this gallant soldier is of strong romantic interest and makes excellent reading, while the side lights thrown on events of a long period marked by many extraordinary changes are vastly interesting and informing. It is an inspiring and thoroughly delightful volume." — Provu dence News.

    • Few French commanders were more popular, both with rulers and with

the people. The eventful story of his liie, modestly told, is charming in interest" — Chicago Inter^Ocean, " The pages are filled with illustrious names that arouse pleasant or un- pleasant memories, and the reader reads eageriy onward, always enter- tained, frequently enliehtcned, until the last page is reached. ... It will be equally welcomed by the student of history and by the general reader." — Boston Saturday Evening Gazette.

    • Amid the mass of French memorial writing there is none that will be

found more attractive, because there is none more genuine than this record."— CA/(ca^ Times-Herald.

    • An extremely interesting; addition to historical biography. . . . These

memoirs relate the extraordinary career of an extraordinary man. ... A complete biography, written in an easy, natural, unpretentious style." — Detroit Free Frees.