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This page needs to be proofread.


afip. 280)—span, ss standard of measurement, l3"? "3 D??? Is 40"; elsswlL of actual size, a span, dist-mos between ends of thumb nnd little finger of spread hand ;=} cubiz (Va-11:93 & tell; cf. Ex25" with Joseph N" "L '4‘), ’r Ex 28““‘39" (le P) E: 43"; l S 17‘ six cuhits and a «pm Vid. Hultsch """L “"4” Benz ""“L ’7‘.

Tmn} head eta family or returned exiles Eu- 2“: Na 1“; cf. nlso Ezr to” Na xo‘h

mpg-an. a Levine I Ch 23‘ 26'.

1'1le an eunuch of Alissnerus Est 1'" (Oppmj comp. Pei-s. aim, conqueror).


n, 1160:, 8th letter; = numeral 8 in post BHeb.

[1h], ~35! v. sub :un.

T3630] vb.withdmw,hlds (not in on) ;

cf. also nan (NH id; A.~.'Lf;;; Eth. «in: As. Mn: Dl'm'; :: Ethpn. hide amazfymph Pf: 3 ms. @713, Ju 9’+I S 10" a S 17‘ (both msybept); ’5' Gn31”;’,_:consec.1819’; 1N: Jos 10‘”; was; Jb 29m; Impf. : ms. “3 .1115"; Inf. mason 2 Ch 18" D11 10’; Pt. pl. (cf. also Jos 10", etc.»— hide oneself in fear Sn 3‘“ (J), J os mm” (all JE), .Tu 9‘ x S xg‘ 2817' Am 9‘ zChIS“ Dn 197; from modesty 1 Bio“; of. Jh 29"; also [has lanai]; my? Gn 31‘”(E),i,e. why didst thou flee secretly? pass..b¢ hidden Jbzg‘“ swag 5w

(“m-353i ugh? lamb, cf. also v. 9) i.e. in

reverence, = hushed (so we speak of"): veiled voice); be hidden for protection M? W; J!) 5". Pu. Pf 3 p1. a“?! have been hidden (=sre made to hide themselves, Di mi Zoe.) Jb 24‘. mph. 17. 3 ms. sf. smug Is ‘9'; 3 {3. TI Jos 6", cf. Gesmm’" Kismm elm; Imp]; .‘3'33‘. 1K 18‘; 3 fs. 33513! I K 6"; 839(5) 1 K 18";—hid¢, trims, 1:. am. Jo: 6'“ x K 18‘“ 2 K5”; metaph, of divine pm faction Is 49' 'n h; “an. naph. Pf. be hid- den mam Ii "mania: 059;), i.e. imprisoned. Eithp. Pf. I S I4"; [01sz l S 23‘“; ’WfiGna'; mam-11:38”; manor: 1513'; PL 2Kn’+2t.; D'$§D§|DISI4”ICh ax”;—1. draw back, hidd Mel], mm. c. loc.; Gn 3‘0), 1 S 13' I4“"‘23" 2 K n” I Ch 11" 2 Ch 22"". 2. draw together, thicken,

harden, of water becoming ins Jb 38’" DR: Tug: nun,

TRENT; n.[n:.] hiding-place, only cstr. '31,! '"J. U“ 3.2!??? Is 32’ Ming-111M: from wind.

HR: _] n.[m.] id..p1.rbrr mags-j 5‘37; Dw' NJI'In‘ W 1 S :3”.

’r[:1:_1f1]vh. love (NH Pi. id; An; be laud,- Elh. ’hhflfl: arms alicujm iiwmdi Di; Am. a: kindle, 65 m onfirs, as; 33'] lav-e, embracz, N?“ PL ‘1'! 5‘“ 1;!” Dt33’ (Di 1113.139, 01'. (M).

T[:h] n.[m.] bosom (Arum) '35; rings? 3mg Jb31”(cf. Pm

l3?“ (of. Ph. :n; We““’" “mm suggests camper. with VLL Japan!)—

son of Reuel. {UT of Moses (v. Inn). Nu m"(J E), Ju d“; ins. ’n pmh. also Ju l", v. GFM.

1.13:3 n descendant of Asher, I Ch 7" (“L "E‘QL 5° Q'; >1“ "95?)-

finzyj] vb. withdraw, hide, of. yarn;— Qal Imv. ms. Is 26" form, 01"” Ew""Du; Di 1115‘ an), withdraw into privacy (n Tu, N . mph Pf- conssc. .1849”; consec. Jos z"(JE); Inf. was? (as 2W5) i K m 2 K 7 withdrma, hide oneself; lit. Jun 2" (JE), ml. .19. a K 7%.

10m; I K 22”; of Esau=Edam, hiding from

judgment of", 533‘ N5 Je49‘",ss pointed, meant no doubt as pfi, hut constr. then hard; id. rather inf. abs. “35!; so Gf Gie al. (v. Ka L m).

“it”: n.[m.] hiding, hidJngAphos, or <voil,‘envelopa, only cats. ’n Rh 3‘ (<@@Hi—St(}r nmmhmmmrms").

1.11ng Lynn. head of n priestly himin Er, 2.1:)“, 7H (m d. H. Eu- mag ; Ne rugs,