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Ex 139.16 (J)=Dt 68 1118, prob. belong here; also memorial pillar in Egypt Is 1920. 6. sign, pledge of covenant, א׳ הַבְּרִית (v. ברית) e.g. rainbow, of Noachian covenant Gn 912.13.17 (P); circumcision, of Abrahamic covenant Gn 1711 (P); the sabbath Ex 3113.17 (P); Ez 2012.25. 7. ensigns, standards Nu 22 (P) ψ 744. 8. signs, tokens of changes of weather & times Gn 114 (P; of heavenly luminaries) אוֺתוֺת הַשָּׁמַיִם Je 102 (changes of the heavens as omens to frighten the nations) cf. ψ 659.

אוּזַי a Judæan, Ne 325.

אוֹי interj. (onomatop.; cf. ܐܘܽܝ‎, ܘܳܝ‎) woe! an impassioned expression of grief and despair: usually with dative אוֺי לִי Is 65 woe to me! for I am undone, so 2416 Je 1019 1516; אוֺי לָנוּ woe to us! 1 S 47.8 Je 413 64; אוֹי־נָא לִי Je 431 453; אוֹי־נָא לָנוּ La 518. With the 2nd or 3rd ps. often implying a denunciation; אוֺי־לְךָ מוֺאָב Nu 2125 (=Je 4846) Je 1327 Ez 1623 repeated אוֺי אוֺי לָךְ; Is 39 אוֺי לְנַפְשָׁם v11 Ho 713 912 (|| שֹׁד לָהֶם). With a voc. (or implicit accus.) Ez 246.9 אוֺי עִיר הֵדָּמִים; absol. Nn 2425. Used as a subst. Pr 2329 לְמִי אוֹי (|| לְמִי אֲבוֺי).

אוֺיָה = אוֺי ψ 1205 א֣וֺיָה לִּ֖י.

III. אוה (to cry אוֺי, howl cf. Ar. آهَ, to cry آهِ to be assumed prob. as source of two foll. words).

ii. [אִי] n.m. jackal (howler, for *אָוִי v. BaNB 188 , cf. Ar. اِبْنُ آوَى, whence ܒܵܢܳܬ ܐܰܘܰܝ)—pl. אִיִּים, Is 1322 3414 Je 5039 (inhabitant of desert, ruin).

i. אַיָּה n.f. hawk, falcon, kite (perh. fr. cry; cf. Ar. يُؤْيُؤ, a kind of hawk) Lv 1114 Dt 1413 generic, cf. לְמִינָהּ & Di; Jb 287 (keen-sighted).

ii. אַיָּה (falcon) 1. a Horite Gn 3624 1 Ch 140. 2. father of Rizpah 2 S 37 218.10.11.

אֱוִיל מְרֹדַךְ (Bab. Avêl (Amêl) Maruduk, man of Merodach) son & successor of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, B.C. 562-60, 2 K 2527 (v. COT) = Je 5231.

I. אול (be foolish, cf. יאל, & Ar. آلَ grow thick (of fluids)).

אֱוִיל26 adj. foolishא׳ Jb 52+; pl. אֱוִילִים ψ 10717+, etc.;—foolish, Pr 299 (אִישׁ א׳) Ho 97 (pred. of prophet); cf. Is 358, elsewhere n.m. fool (always morally bad), who despises wisdom & discipline Pr 17 155; mocks at guilt 149; is quarrelsome 203; licentious 722; it is folly & useless to instruct him 1622 2722 (19 t. Pr); cf. also Je 422 Jb 52.3 Is 1911 ψ 10717.

אֱוִלִי adj. id. Zc 1115.

אִוֶּלֶת 25 n.f. folly.— abs. Pr 1223+; cstr. I48+; sf אִוַּלְתִּי ψ 386, etc.;— folly, special product of כְּסִילִים (v. כֶּסֶל) Pr 1223+ (12 t.); c. פְּתָאִים Pr 1418; c. אֱוִלִיים only 1622, 2722 for alliteration. It is bound up in mind of boy, to be removed only by rod of discipline Pr 2215; א׳ personif. tears down house built by חַכְמוֺת נָשִׁים Pr 141; it is contrasted with תְּבוּנָה Pr 1423 1521.

II. אול, איל (be in front of, precede, lead; v. Thes NöMBA 1880. 774; SBA 1882, 1175, who comp. Ar. أَوَلُ for آوَلُ, Targ. אוולה; cf. Sab. אול DHM Epigr. Denkm. 33.34, v. on the other hand LagOr ii. p. 3; M i. p. 100 & sub I. אלה infr.)

i. [אוּל] n.[m.] body, belly; sf. אוּלָם (in contempt) ψ 734 (lit. their front, prominent part).

ii. [אוּל] n.[m.] leading man, noble; pl. cstr. אוּלֵי הָאָרֶץ 2 K 2415 Kt (Qr אֵילֵי v. iii. [ איל]).

i. אוּלָם n.m.1 K 7,8 porch (cf. אֵילָם)— א׳ abs. 1 K 63+; אֻלָם Ez 4048.49; cstr. אוּלָם 1 K 76+; אֻלָם Ez 407+ (marg. אֻלָּם 1 K 77.12.21); pl. cstr. אֻלַמֵּי Ez 4115 (Co sg. c. sf.; in Ez Co rds. everywhere אילם vid. אֵילָם infr.)—porch (only K Ch Ez & Jo). 1. in Solomon's temple 1 K 719 2 Ch 297, א׳ יהוה v17; 812 (altar in front of); א׳ יהוה 158 (id.), cf. בֵּין הָאוּלָם וּבֵין הַמִּזְבֵּחַ Ez 818 & Jo 217; א׳ הַהֵיכָל 1 K 721; א׳ הַבַּיִת v12; תַּבְנִית הָא׳ 1 Ch2811. 2. in Sol.'s palace 1 K 78.8; א׳ הָעַמּוּדִים 1 K 76 cf. v6; א׳ הַכִּסֵּא 77 = א׳ הַמִּשְׁפָּט v7. 3. in temple of Ezek.'s vision, partic. א׳ הַשַּׁעַר Ez 407.8 (del. Co vid. G T V) 443 462.8; א׳ הַבַּיִת 4048 cf. v48,49 4125.26; אֻלַמֵּי הֶחָצֵר Ez 4125 Co sg. ואילמו החיצון v. אֵילָם.—(iii. אוּלָם, adv., v. p. 19.)

ii. אוּלָם only geneal. 1. 1 Ch 716.17. 2. 1 Ch 839.40.

i. אַ֫יִל156 n.m. Gn 22,13 ram (as leader of flock,

NHeb. & Aram. id., As. ailu Dlw , Ph. איל, = אַיִל rather than אַיָּל, cf. CISi. p. 231)אַיִל(אָ֑יִל) Gn 159 +; cstr. אֵיל Ex 2922+; pl. אֵילִים (אֵילִם, אֵלִים) Gn 3215+; cstr. אֵילֵי Gn 3138 Is 607.—ram, 1. used as food Gn 3138 (E) Dt 3214 (cf. ram of sacrifice, infr. e.g. Ex 2932 cf. Lv 831); as yielding wool 2 K 34; as tribute 2 Ch 1711; as merchandise Ez 2721; as gift Gn 3215 (E); in sim. of leaping, skipping ψ 1144 (הֶהָרִים רָקְדוּ כְּא׳) v6; in Dn.'s vision, ram with two horns symbol. kings of Media and Persia Dn; fig. of rich and powerful in Isr. Ez 3417. 2. slain