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Penance not Punishment 459
Grades of Penance 462
Miscellancous Penanccs 463
Flagellation 464
Pilgrimages 465
Crusades to l'alestine 466
Wearing Crosses 468
Fines and Commutations 471
Infulilled IPenance 475
Bail 476
Abuscs.-Bribery and Extortion 477
Destrnction of Jlouses 481
Arbitrary Penalties. 488
Imprisonment 484
Troubles about the Expenses 489
Treatment of Prisoners 491
Comparative Frequency of Different Penaltics 494
Modification of Sentences. 495
Penitents never Pardoned, althouglı Reprieved 496
Penalties of Descendants 498
Inquisitorial Exeommunication 500


Origin in the Roman Law 501
The Church Responsible for its Introduction 502
Varying Practice in Decreeing it . 504
Degree of Criminality Entailing it 507
Question of the Dowers of Wives 509
The Church Shares the Spoils in Italy. 510
In France they are Seized by the State 513
The Bishops Obtain a Share . 514
Rapacity of Confiscation 517
Alienations and Obligations Void 522
Paralyzing Influence on Commercial Development. 524
Expenscs of Inquisition, how Defrayed 525
Persccution Dependent on Confiscation 529