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This page needs to be proofread.
    1. verbs in u with a preceding have ha (ka), ra (re). Exception: niyanggumbi (he, re).
    2. verbs in i with a preceding have ha (ka), ra (re). Exception: alanggimbi (he, re).
    3. verbs in i with e preceding have he (ke), re. Exception: kesimbi (ha, re).
    4. verbs in u with e preceding have he (ke), re. Exception: feksimbi (ha, re).

Dakambi forms daha (instead of dahaha), bahambi forms baha.

A number of verbs, however, contrary to the above rules, take ha, ra; ha, re; he re; ho, ro; ka, ra; ka, re; ke, re; ko, ro; ha and ka, ra; ha and ka, re; ha and ke, re; ha and he, re; ha and ko, ro; ke and ho, ro; he and ke, re; ho and ko, ro; ke and ko, ro. It would be to no purpose to give the long lists of these verbs, Sakharoff's Dictionary gives the affixes used by each verb.

The following verbs are only used in the Indefinite Past: abulikabi, abšakabi, bemberekebi, delerekebi, farakabi, feherekebi, giegerekebi, genggerekebi, giyabsarakabi, gūwasakabi, ilmerekebi, jakjarakabi, jerekebi, joholikabi, juyekebi, laifarakabi, lebderekebi, lukdurekebi, werukebi.

The following verbs are found only as participles in ka, ke and ko: fuseke, niyekseke, oyoko, sureke, uldeke, undarako.

Certain verbs form the Preterite in ngka, ngke, ngko, the future in ndara, ndere, ndoro. Other form the Past Gerund in pi, mpi instead of in fi The following liste gives the vergs with these irregualarities, incluyding the verbs already mentioned with irregular Imperatives.


Verb. Imperative. Preterite. Future. Past Gerund.
bahambi baha
baimbi baisu baiha baire
bambi bangka bandara
bimbi bisu bihe bisire
bisarambi bisarapi
bombi bongko bore, bondoro infin. bonme
cambi caha, cangka cara cafi
colgorombi colgoroko colgororo colgoropi
dahambi daha
deserembi deserepi
duksembi duksepi
dulembi dulepi
eldembi eldeke eldere eldepi
eyembi eyepi
falarambi falarapi
farambi faraha, faraka farara farapi
febumbi (fembi) febuhe febure fempi
fombi foha fore fompi, condit. fomci
fosombi fosopi
fumbi fungke fumpi
gaimbi gaisu gaiha gaire
gajimbi gaju
gerembi gerehe, gereke gerere, gerendere
gombi goha gondoro
guwembi guwengke guwendere guwempi, cond. guwen
gūmbi gūha gūndere
gūwaliyambi (hū) gūwaliyaka gūwaliyara gūwaliyapi, hūwaliyapi