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Iga, ribs, a rib of the body. (Jav. Batav. idem.)

Igĕug, crawling about, crawling down from a person"s house. Kakarak ĕukĕur bai igĕug, he just begins to crawl about, said of a person who has been laid up with sickness and who begins to be able to get about again. Igĕng-ĕugĕug, to begin to crawl about again after sickness.

Ihil, one of the many names for a pig.

Ijab, a request to the Almighty- a prayer for success in any undertaking. [jab kabul, our prayer granted. (إِحَابٌ, arabic, exauditio.)

Ijĕrah, period for dying, appointed hour. Geus datang ka ijĕrah na, his appointed hour had come.

Ikal, curly, as the hair of the head. (Mal. idem.)

Ikal-ukal, curly, frizzled.

Ikat, a head handkerchief- literally- a tie. (Mal. Ikat, to tie.)

Iklas, the arabic word Khalas, free, liberated, candid, sincere, freedom from restraint. Kula gĕus iklas, I am entirely freed of it, you have my full permission. (Arabic, إِخْلاَصٌ, ikhlâç, sinceritas.)

Ilat, name of a coarse grass growing in swampy places especially, and also on hills under shade where moist. The stem is quadrangular, and sharp on the edges, so that if carelessly handled it cuts. In Malay Ilat is to cheat in gaming, fraud, Crawfurd. Perhaps our grass has got its name from cutting the unwary. Though the word does not occur in Sunda in this sense, yet it may have become obsolete.

Ilik, look, see; seeing that. Ilik batur to mĕunang, seeing that my companions got none.

Ilikan, to look at, to regard.

Illahi, arabic, of or belonging to God; divine. Oh God! (Perhaps اَلَّهِيّ, Allahi.)

Ilok, sometimes, as if by chance. (Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters), Elok, wonderful. Mal. id. excellent, beautiful.)

Ilokan, to happen sometimes. Ilokan jélĕna, there are such people sometimes.

Ilu, to follow, to go after. Accompany. Along with. To imitate.

Imah, a house, a dwelling. Imah tilu roang, a hous with tree divisions, or with four posts on a side. (Jav. Umah. Mal. Rumah. Cf. Humah.)

Imahan, to make or buy a house for any one. To set up a house in any spot.

Imah chĕblok, a house the posts of which are stuck into the ground, and not being carefully timbered together, is made in a hurry, and likely to be soon eaten by the white ants.

Imah tangga. a fixed and properly made house. Tangga is properly Malay for steps