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or ladder, yet as applied to a house is in use. This is thus a house with steps- a frame timberhouse which reguires steps to get up to it.

Imam, arabic, a high priest of the Mohammedan religion. (إِمامٌ)

Iman, arabic, faith, the theoretical part of religion; belief (إِيْمَانٌ)

Impas, done, finished; cleared off as a debt. (Dutch.)

Impi, to dream. Naun ngimpi tah sia, what, are you dreaming? (Jav. id. and ngimpi. Mal. mimpi.)

Impun, the name of a fish in the rivers of the South coast of Bantam, supposed to be the small fry of the Ménga fish. Aplocheilus Javanicus.

Imut, to smile, to smirk.

Inakĕrtapati, name of one of the princes celebrated in Javanese romance, also called Panji. Ina, C. 69 the Sun. Kĕrta see voce, accomplished. Pati, Lord. The accomplished lord of the Sun. He was the son of Ami Luhur, Sovereign of Janggala. His lady- love in the Javanese romance was Chandra Kirana Beam of the Moon, which see. (48)[1]

Inchék, a name of compliment applied to a China-born Chinaman. (49)[2]

Inchi, a master, a mistress. A Malay word applied to foreign natives, especially Malays.

Inchit, Chintz, a piece of printed Cotton cloth. (Called Chit at Batavia.)

Inchu, a grand child.

Indalas, a mythic name sometimes given to the of Sumatra, Crawfurd. Perhaps derived from Hind, Hindu; and Alas, vide voce, a forest, a district; thereby indicating the resort of the Hindus in early times.

Indi-hiang, name of a place in the Prianger Regencies, to the South East of the Jalaga Bodas. The word Indi is probably an abbreviation Indirā, C, 69, a name of

Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu. Indiya, Indila, Inding, and more similar words are parts of the conjugation of the verb Innawa C. 69 to sit, and as such may indicate her who sits by Vishnu or his wife. Indima, C. 69, the act of planting or fixing anything. Hyang vide voce. (The meaning is not clear, but might be Indu, the moon, or Indra (?) the known deity. Fr.)

  1. Inakĕrta is rather town of the sun, according to the use the Javanese make of the word kĕrta. Cf. Surakĕrta (or - karta) and Yogyakĕrta. This meaning is confirmed by the Persian. Fr.
  2. This word is the same as the following, and applied variously to persons of some distinction for instance to an aunt. The various application is explained by the word being Malay and relatively late introduced into Java. Mal. انچه, Jnchĕh. Therefrom Jav. (Symbol missingJavanese characters) ĕnchik vide Gericke sub voce. At Batavia Jnchi or Jnché. Nearly all others titles are taken from the Javanese language Fr.