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Indit, to start, to set off, to move away. To indit dĕui, he did not move again.

Indra, a Hindu deity of whom the Sunda people have only a very confused idea. Indra, C. 69 , the name of a Hindu deity presiding over Swarga , and the secondary class of divinities; he is more particularly the god of the atmosphere, and regent of the east quarter, and corresponds in many respects with the Grecian Jove.

Indra Kila, name of one of the tops of the Arjuno mountain in Sourabaya. Indra, vide voce. Kila, C. 69 a pin or bolt. The fabulous mountain Mandar, with which the ocean was churned by the gods.

Indramayu, name of a district on the north coast of Java, between Krawang and Chiribon. Indra vide voce. Mayu, C. 538 a multitude of Mayas, of Mayu is the plural form, delusions. Vide Maya, and the word thus means- the delusions of Indra, the delusions of heaven. (Mayu Skr. is a Kinnara or chorister of heaven , belonging thus to the house- hold of Indra. Fr.)

Indung, mother, dam. Matrix, nidus.
Indung, mother, almost tempts one to trace it to Indu one of the imperative forms of Innawa to sit. To Indu has been subjoined the Polynesian final ng and made Indung, the person who sits, is confined to the house, made sedentary by taking care of offspring. In Malay, Crawfurd shows that the word is not only Indung but also frequently simply Indu.

Indung lĕungan, the mother of the hand, means the thumb.

Indung madu, honey comb, the nidus of honey.

Indung suku, the mother of the foot, means the great toe.

Indung sutra, the nidus of silkworms, a cocoon.

Ing, a constructive and possessive particle used in the formation of sentences. It has often the power of, of, for. After words terminating with a vowel, this word becomes Ning or King which see. Goréng ing paré, bad for paddy. Luhur ing gunung on the top of the mountain. Barat ing lumbur, to the west of the village.

Ing'at, to recollect, to be mindful of; to give a caution.

Ing'atan, recollection, a caution, a warning.

Inggih, yes, a very humble expression.

Inggis, tottering, likely to fall. Fearful lest something should occur, wavering with trepidation. Inggis bisi to hadé, fearful lest it might not be right. Inggis ti bĕurang, rémpan ti péuting, fearful in the day time, at night.

Inggris, English. Sėlla inggris, an English saddle.

Ingkĕun, let it alone. D'ont touch it. To leave unmolested.

Ingkrik, one of the many names for a wild pig.

Ing'on, food supplied to any one, where withall to eat.

Ing'onan, to feed, to keep supplied with all that is necessary in the way of eating.