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Mrs. Grace Hazard Conkling:—"Rheims Cathedral—1914," from Afternoons of April (Messrs. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston); "Letter to an Aviator in France."

Lieutenant-Commander N. M. F. Corbett and Land and Water:—"The Auxiliary Cruiser."

Mr. F. Raymond Coulson and Mr. Erskine Macdonald: "The Rainbow," and "When I Come Home," by Sergeant Leslie Coulson, from From an Outpost (Erskine Macdonald).

Mr. W. L. Courtney and the Fortnightly Review:—"To Our Dead."

Miss Charlotte Holmes Crawford and Scribner's Magazine:—"Vive la France!"

Lord Crewe and the Harrovian:—"A Harrow Grave in Flanders."

Mr. Moray Dalton and the Spectator:—"To Italy" and "Rupert Brooke"; Mr. Dalton and the West Sussex Gazette:—"To Some Who Have Fallen."

Mrs. Olive Tilford Dargan and the Atlantic Monthly:—" 'It Will Be a Hard Winter.' "

Mr. G. D. Day: "North Sea," from Poems and Rhymes, by Flight-Commander Jeffery Day, R.N.A.S. (Sidgwick & Jackson).

Lord Desborough and the London Times:—"Into Battle," by the late Captain Julian Grenfell.

Mr. Walter de la Mare and the Westminster Gazette:—"The Fool Rings his Bells."

Captain Edward de Stein and the London Times:—"To a Skylark behind Our Trenches," from The Poets in Picardy (John Murray, London).

Professor W. Macneile Dixon and the London Times:—"To Fellow Travellers in Greece."

Mr. Austin Dobson:—"When There is Peace" and "Clean Hands."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the London Times:—"The Guns in Sussex" and "The Guards Came Through." (John Murray).

Rev. W. H. Draper and the Spectator:—"The Red Christmas," from Poems of the Love of England (Messrs. Chatto & Windus).

Mr. John Drinkwater and Messrs. Sidgwick and Jackson:—"Riddles, R.F.C." (the Saturday Review), "Of Greatham," and "We Willed It Not." (the Sphere).

Lord Dunsany and the Saturday Review:—"Songs from an Evil Wood."

Miss Gabrielle Elliot and the New York Times:—"Pierrot Goes to War."

Mrs. Theodosia Garrison Faulks and Good Housekeeping:—"These Shall Prevail."

Mrs. Sara Teasdale Filsinger and Harper's Magazine:—" 'There Will Come Soft Rains' "; "Spring in War-Time," from Rivers to the Sea (The Macmillan Company).

Dr. John H. Finley and the Yale Review:—"The Valleys of the Blue Shrouds." Dr. Finley and the Atlantic Monthly:—"The Road to Dieppe."