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Captain Paul Bewsher and the London Graphic:—"Searchlights"; from The Bombing of Bruges (Messrs. Hodder & Stoughton).

Mr. Francis Bickley and the Westminster Gazette:—"The Players."

Mr. Laurence Binyon:—"To the Belgians", "Men of Verdun", "The Anvil", "The Healers" and "For the Fallen," from The Anvil and The Winnowing Fan (Elkin Mathews, London); Mr. Binyon and the New York Times:—"The New World;" Mr. Binyon and the Atlantic Monthly:—"Oxford in War Time," from The New World (Elkin Mathews, London).

Mr. F. W. Bourdillon:—"The Heart-Cry"; Mr. Bourdillon and the Spectator:—"The Call"; "The Debt Unpayable."

Dr. Gamaliel Bradford and the Nation (New York):—"Napoleon."

Mr. Robert Bridges and the London Times:—"The Chivalry of the Sea," "Lord Kitchener," "Trafalgar Square" and "To the United States of America."

Mr. Charles William Brodribb and the Times:—"Expeditional."

Mr. Dana Burnet and the New York Evening Sun:—"The Battle of Liège" and "Napoleon's Tomb."

Miss Amelia Josephine Burr:—"Kitchener's March," from Life and Living (Messrs. George H. Doran Company, New York).

Mr. Maxwell Struthers Burt and Scribner's Magazine:—"Pierrot at War."

Miss Margaretta Byrde and the Spectator:—"America at St. Paul's."}}

{{smaller|Mrs. Wilfred Campbell and The Musson Book Company (Toronto):—"Langemarck" and "Where Kitchener Sleeps," by the late Wilfred Campbell.

Mr. Bliss Carman:—"The War Cry of the Eagles."

Lieutenant Ronald Lewis Carton:—"Hereafter" and "Réveillé," from Steel and Flowers (Elkin Mathews, London).

Mr. Patrick R. Chalmers and Punch:—"Guns of Verdun," "Infantry" and "The Steeple."

Mrs. Grace Ellery-Channing-Stetson and the New York Tribune:—"Flower-Beds in the Tuileries."

Mr. John Jay Chapman and Vanity Fair:—"To a Dog."

The late Cecil Chesterton and the New Witness:—"France."

Mr. Gilbert Keith Chesterton and the New Witness:—"The Ballad of St. Barbara"; Mr. Chesterton and Messrs. Burns & Gates:—"The Wife of Flanders," from Poems (published also by the John Lane Company, New York).

Mr. Reginald McIntosh Cleveland and the New York Times:—"Destroyers off Jutland."

Mrs. Florence Earle Coates:—"Place de la Concorde," from The Collected Poems of Florence Earle Coates (Messrs. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston); "Serbia" and "Captain Guynemer."

Miss Helen Gray Cone and Messrs. J. M. Dent & Sons, Limited, London:—"A Chant of Love for England," from A Chant of Love for England, and Other Poems (published also by Messrs. E. P. Dutton & Company, New York); Miss Cone and the New York Times:—"To Belgium."