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Rev. 0111. N. W. '1‘.

N Rev. Ord. N. W. '1‘. Revised Ordlnanca, Northwest Territories (Canada) 1888.

Rev. St. Revised Statutes.

Reyn. Reynolds‘ Reports, vols. 40-42 Mississippi.

Rice. 1tice's South Carolina Daw Reports.

0 Rice Eq. (or Ch.). Rice's South Carolina Equity Reports.

Rich. Richardson's South Carolina Law Repurts;—Rlcl1ardson‘s Reports, vols. 26 New Hampshire.

P Rich. Ch. Richardson's South Carolina Equity ltvports.

Rich. Ct. 01. Claims Reports.

Rich. Eq. Richardson‘: South Carolina Equity Reports.

Rich. Eq. (or Ch.) Gas. South Carolina Equity Reports.

Rich. Law (S. 0.). Richardson‘: Carolina Law Reports.

Rich. N. S. Richardson's South Carolina

R Reports. New Series.

Rich. Pr. Beg. Richardson’: Practical Register, Fngllsh Common Pleas.

Rich.&H. Richardson & Hook’: Street Railway Decisions.

Rich. Sc W. Richardson & Woodbury's Reports, vol. 2 New Hampshire.

Ridg. Ridgewny‘s Reports tempura Hard- wicke, Chancery and King's Bench.

Richardson's Court of



Ridg.Ap. Ridgeway's Irish Appeal (or Parliamentary) Cases. Ridg.Cen. Ridgeway’s Reports tempura

Hardwicke, Chancery and King's Bench.

Ridg. L. & S. Ridgeway, Lapp & Schoa1es' Irish Term Reports.

Ridg. P. C. (or Ridg. Pa1'l.). Ridgeway's

U Irish Appeal (or Parliamentary) Cases.

Ridg. Rep. (01: St. T1-.). Ridgeway's (Individual) Reports of State Trials in Ireland.

Ridg. t. Hard. (or Ridg. & Hal-d.). Rldgeway’s Reports tempera Hardwlcke, Chancery and King's Bench.

Ridgew. Rldgeway (see R1 3.).

Ridley, Civil & Ecc. Law. Ridley's Civil and Ecclesiastical Law.

Ried. Rlede11's Reports, vols. 68, 89 New Hampshire.

Ril.(or Riley). Riley's South Carolina Law Reports ;—Riley's Reports, vols. 37-42 West Virginia.

Ril. (or Riley) Ch. (or Eq.). South Carolina Chancery Reports.

B.i1.Hs.rp. Riley's Edition of Harper‘:

X South Carolina Reports.

Riley. Rlley’s South Carolina Chancery Reports:—Riley’s South Carolina Law Reports;—Riley's Reports, vols. 37-42 West Virginia.

Riner. Riner's Reports, vol. 2 Wyoming.

Riv. Ann. Reg. Rivlngton's Annual Reg~ later.

Rob. Robinson's Virginia Reports;—Rob- l.nson's Louisiana Reports;——Robinsou‘s Re ports, vols. 2-9 and 17-23 Colorado Appeals;

2 —Robertson'e New York Superior Court Re





ports:—Robinson's English Ecclesiastiuil Report.s:—Chr. Robinson's English Admiralty Reports;—W. Robinson's English Admiralty Reports:—Robi.nson's Scotch Appeal Cases: —Rohertson's Scotch Appeal Cnses'--Robinson's Reports, vol. 38 California;-Roblm son's Reports, vols. 1-4 Louisiana Annual;- Roberts‘ Reports, vols. 25)-31 Louisiana Annunl,-—Robards’ Reports, vols. 12, 13 Hisson.rl;—Rohards' Conscript Cases, Texas;— Chr. Robinson’: Upper Canada Reports:—J. L. Robinson’s Upper Oanarla Reports;—Rol> ertson’s Reports, vol. 1 H.iwall;-Robinson's Reports, vol. 1 Nevada.

Rah. Adm. Chr. Robinson’s English Ad- unralty Reports.

Rob. Adm. & Pr. and Prize.

Rob. App. Cases.

Eab.Ca.r.V. Robertson's History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V.

Roberts on Admiralty

Robertson's Scotch Appeal

Rob. Cal. Robertson's Scotch Appeal Cases.

Rob.Ghr. Clu‘. Robinson's English Ad- miralty Reports.

Rob. Conic. Cu. Robards’ Conacrtpt Cases, Texas.

Roh.Eoc. Robertson’s English Ecclesiastical Reports.

Rob. 121;. Roberts’ Principles of Equity.

Rab. Jun. William Robertson's English

Admiralty Reports.

Bob. L. & W. Roberts, Leaming 5: Wallis’ County Court Reports.

Bob. La. Robinson's Louisiana Reports.

Rob. S. I. Robertson's Sandwich Island (Hawaiian) Reports.

Rah. Sc. App. Robinson's Scotch Appeals, English House of Lords.

Rob. Sr. Ct. Robertson's New York Su- perior Court Reports.

Rob. U. C. Robinson's Reports, Upper Canada. Rob. Va. Robinson's Virginia Reports.

Rob. Wm. Adm. William Robinson's English Admiralty Reports.

Robnrda. Robards' Reports, vols. 12, 13 Missou.ri;—Robarrls' Texas Conscript Cases.

Robarfll & Jackson. Robards & Jack- son's Reports, vols. 26-27 Texas.

Robb (or Rob]: Pat. C.s.s.). R0lJlJ's United States Patent Cases.

Roberts. Roberts‘ Reports, vols. 29-31 Louisiana Annual. Robertson. Robertson's Scotch Appeal

0ases:—Robertson's New York Superior Court Reports;——RoberIson's New York Marine Court Repor‘rs;—Roliertson's English Ecclesiastical Reports.—Robertson's Hawai- ian Reports. See, also, Rob.

Robin. App. Robinson's Scotch Appeal Cases.

Robinson. Chr. Robinson's English Ad- miralty Reports;—W. Robinson's English Ad-

miralty Repor”rs;—Rohinson's Virginia ReportI;—R.obinsoI's Louisiana Reports;—R;ol>-