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Robs. Bankr.

inson’s Scotch Appeal Ouses;—1lohinson's Reports, vol. 38 Culii‘o1'nia;—Cl.1r. Robinson's Reports, Upper (‘,unn(la;——J. L. Robinson's Reports, Upper Canmlu:—Roblnson's Reports, Colorado;——Rol:inson‘s Reports, vol. 1 Nevada.

R.obs.Bn.:nkr. Robson's Bankrupt Prue tice;—Rohertsou's Hnndoooi: of Bankers‘ Law.

Rabt. Robert:—Rohertson.

Rooeus,Ins. RocLus on Insurance.

Rodmnnn. Rocluialfs Reports, vols. 78-82 Kentucky. Rogers‘ Ecclesiastical Daw.

Rogerl. Rogers‘ Reports, vols. 47-51 Lou- isluuu Annual.

Roi. (or Roll.). Rolle’s English King‘: Bench Reports.

Roll. Roll of the Term.

Rollo. Rolle‘s English King's Bench Reporis.

Rolle Abr.

Rolle It. Reports.

Roll: Ct. Rep. Rolls’ Court Reports.

Rom. Roxni.ily's Notes of Cases, English Chancery.

Rom. Law. Roman Law.

Root. Root's Connecticut Reports.

Rap.Husb. Sc Wife. Roper on Huslmnd

Rolie’s Abridgment. Ro1le's English Kings‘ Bench

Mackeidy's Handbook of the

and Wife. Rap. Leg. Roper on Legacies. Rose. Adm. Rnscoe’s Admirnity Jurlsdie

tion and Practice. Rose. Grim. Ev. deuce. Rose.-Iur. Roscue’s Jurist, London. Rose. N. P. Roscoe's Nisl Prius. Rose. Real Act. Roscoe on Real Actions. Rose (or nose B. C.). Rose's Reports. English l3-.u11nuptcy.

Roscoe on Crimirml Evi-

Rase Notes. Rose's Notes on United States Reports. Rose W. 0. Rose Will Case, New York.

Ross, Conv. Ross‘ Lectures on Conveynu- cln_-:, etc., Scotland. Ross Ltlg. Can.

Commercial Law. Rat.I‘lor-. Roize Fiorentine (Reports or the Supreme Court, or Rate, of Florence). Rot. Purl. Rotulae Pnrlimnentnrisc. Rowe. Rowe‘s Interesting Pnrliumentary and Milimry Cases. Rowe Rep. Rowe's Reports (Irish).

Ross‘ Leading Cases on



Rowell. Roweli's Reports, vols. 45£2 Vermont.

Roy. Dig. Royz\li’s Digest Virginio Reports.

R. S. Revised Statutes

Rt.Lu.w Reptu. Rent Law Reports, Indin.

Bunker. Rucker's Reports, vols. 43-46

West Virgini.1.

Ru1f.(or Rufl. & 11.). Rufiin & Hawks’ North C.u'oli1ln Reports.

Rules sup.Ct. Rules of the Supreme


Runnella. Runnelis' Reports, vols. 38, 56 Iowa.

Run. Russell.

Russ. Russell's English Chancery Reports.

Enos. Ax-b. Russell on Arbitrators.

Russ. Crimes. Russell on Crimes rind Misdemeanors.

Russ.Elect. Cur. Russell's Election (‘ases, Nova Scutin;—Russeli‘s Election Cases. liinsszichusetts.

Russ. Eq. Rep. sinus, Nova Scotiu.

Russ. Mere. Ag. Agency.

Russ. N. Se. vn Scotia.

Ituss.t.!-11d. Russell's English Chancery Reports tcmporr Eiden.

Rues.& Clues. Russell 5; Chesley’s Reports, Nova Scutin.

Russ. & Ches.Eq. Russell & Chesley‘s Equity Reports, Nova Scotia.

Rnss.& Geld. Rumell & Gelderi:'s Reports, Novn Scotia.

Russ.& M. Russell & Mylne's English Chancery Reports.

Russ.& Ry. Russell & Ryan's English Crown C-Ises Reserved.

Rutg. Gas. Rntger-Wnddington New Yuri: City, 1784.

Ruth. Inst. Rutherford‘s Institutes of Natural Law.

Ry. Can. Reports of Railway Cases.

Ry.Med.Ju1-. Ryan's Medical Jurispru- deuce.

Ry. & Can. Can. es_. Eugzinnd.

Ry. & Can. '.l‘ra.f. Ca. nal Traffic Cases.

By. & Corp. Law Jour. Corporation Law Journal.

Ry. & M. (or fly. & M. N. P.). Ryan 5: Moody's Nisl Prius Reports, English.

Rymer. Rymefs Fueders.

Russell's Equity Deci- Russell on Mercantile

Russell's Equity Cases, No-


Rnilwuy and Canal Cas- Railway and Cu-

Railway and