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” s

S. Show. Dunlop, 5 Bell's Srotch Court

of Session Reports (lst Series);—Shaw’s

0 Scotch House of Lords Appen] Cnses,-—Sout.h-

eastern Reporter (properly cited S. E.);—

Southwestern Reporter (properly cited S. W.);

—New York Supple1nent;—Supreme Court Reporter.

S. A. L. E. South Austral.lnn Law Reports.

S. App. Shnw's Scotch House of Lords Appeni Cases.

S. Aunt. L. R. ports.

S. B. Upper Bench, or Supreme Bench.

5. 0. South C.-1rolinn;——South Carolina Reports, New Serles:——Smne (.‘.\se;—Supe- rior Court:—Suprexne Court:—Sesslons Cuses;—Sn_muel Carter (see 0l'lil]Jl1O Bridgman).

S. C. A. Supreme and Exchequer Courts Act, Canada.

S. 0. Bar Asin. sociution.

S. C. G. Select Chancery Cases (port 3 of Cases in Chancery) ;—Sn1a1l Cause Court. Irnlin

S. C. Dig. gest, Canada.

S. C. I}. select Cases Relating to Evi- dence, Strange.

S. C. E. South Corolinn*Reports, New Se-

T rl: Harpers South Carolina Reporls:— Supreme Court Reports :~—Snpreme Court Rules;—Supreme Court of Gsmndn Reports.

S. Car. South Carol.inn;—South Carolina Reports, New Series.

S. Ct. Supreme Court Reporter.

S. 1). South Dakota ;—South Dakota Re ports.

S. D. A. ports. India.

S. D. & B. Show, Dunlop & Bell's Scotch Court of Sewlon Repmts (1st Series).

. D. & 13. Sup. Shaw, Dunlop 8: Bell's Supplement. containing House of Lords Decisions.

S. E. Southeastern Reporter.

S. 1‘. Used by the West Publishing Com-

W pany to locate piuce where decision ls from, as, "S. F. 59," San F1-anclsco Case No. 50 on Dorltet.

South Australian Law Re-

South Carolina Bnr As-

Casselfs Supreme Court Di-

Sudder Dewanny Aduwlut Re-

S. 1‘. A. Sudder Foujdoree Adawlut Reports, India.

s. Just. Shaw's Justlciary Cases, Scot- l-1nd.

S. L. C. Smith's Lending Cases.

S. L. 0. App. Stuart's Lower Connda Appeul Cases.

S. L. J. Scottish Law Journnl, Edinburgh.

Y S. 3.. State Reporter, New York. S. S. Synopsis Series of United Statm '1'rez1sur_v De(l.~'lons. S. S. C. S:mLlford's New York City Supt.» rior Court Reports. S. '.l.‘.'(o:- St. Tri.). State ’1‘rlnls. S. '.l.‘. 1). Synopsis Treasurer's Decisions.


Snund. Pl. & Ev.

S. Teind.

S. v. A. R. ports, Quebec.

S. W. Sout.hwestern;—Southwestern Reporter.

S. W. Rep. Southwestern Reporter (com- monly cited S. W.).

S.& B. Smith & Batty’s Irldh King's Bench Reports.

S.& C. Sounders & Cole‘s English Bull Court Reports:-Swn.n & Critchfleld, Revised Statutes, Ohlo.

S.& D. Show, Dunlop, & Bell's Scotch Court of Session Reports (1st series).

S. & G. Smale & Gifinrd, English

S. & L. Sohonles 5; Lefroy's Irlsh Chim- cery Reports.

S. & M. Show & Maclenu's Appeal Cases, House of Lords;—Smedes & M.1rsh:1ll‘s Mississippi Reports.

S. & M. Ch. Smedes & Morshn1l’s Mlssis» sippi Chancery Reports.

Shnw’s Teind Cases, Scotland. Stuart's Vlce-Admiralty Re-

S. at R. Sergeant & Rnw-le’s Pennsylvania Reports. S. & S. Snusse & Scu1ly‘s Irish Rolls

Court Reporls;—Si_mons & Stuart, i~}n;:ll.~ih Vice-Chancellors‘ Reports;—Swnu & Snyler. Revised Statutes of Ohio.

S. & Sm. Searle & Smith's English Pro- bate nnd Divorce Reports.

S. & '.l.‘. Swnhey & '1‘iistran1's English Pro- bate nnd Divorce Reports.

Sal. Salinger’: Reports, vols. 90-108 Iowa.

Salk. Salkeld's English Kings Deucli Iteports.

Salm. Abr. T1-lals.

Snlm. St. E. State '1.‘-riiils.

Sand. Sa1ndi'ord's New York Superior Court Reports.

Sand. Ch. cery Reports.

Sand. I. Rep. inn) Reports.

Samlm-3, Just. Inst. Sandars’ Edition of Justlnio.n's Institutes. Snndf. Saudford’s New York Superior Court Reports. Sandi. Ch. cery Reports.

Snndl. St. Pap. Snndier‘s State Papers.

Stun’. Sau1'ord's Ite-ports, vol. 59 Alabama.

say. Oh. Sen. Snrntogn Chancery Seutinel.

San. & So. Court Reports.

Snuls. Saulsbury's Reports, vols. 5-0 Delaware.

Sauml. Saunders’ English King's Bench Reports.

Sannfl. Pl. & I-Iv. Evidence.

Salmon's Abrldgrneut of Sta te

Snlmon's Edition of the

Snnd.l'ord‘s New York Chau-

Snndwlch Islnnd (Hawai-

Sandford's New York Chan-

Sausse & Scu1ly's Irlsh Rolls

Saunders’ Pleading and