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==-? THE SECOND VOLUME. Vll Desert. — Battle between the Caravan and the Tartar Robbers Difficulties of the Journey. — Town of Yarkand. — Jade Stone. — Goes visits the Jade Quarries. — The Mussulmen of Yarkand endeavour to assassinate iiim. — Encounter of two Caravans in th<'. Middle of the Steppe. — News of the Fekin Mission. — Goe'.s courageous Profession of Faith.— Journey through the Steppes. — Desert of Gobi. — Arrival at the Frontiers of China. — The Great "VVall, — Combination among the Merchants to deceive the p^mperor. — Father Goes fails to reach Pekin. — He writes to Father Ricci. — He is sent for. — Death of Father Goes. — His Companion arrives at Pekin, and then returns to the Indies. — Death of Father Soerius. — Peculiarity of the Chinese Letters. — octor Paul. — Mission of Schang-Hai. — The Influence and Labours of Father Ricci.— Death of Matthew Ricci. — His Funeral. • — Grant of a Piece of Land for his Tomb. — Opposition of the Bonzes. — Virtues of Father Ricci - - - Page 18G CHAP. VI. Question of Rites. — The two Schools. — Consequences of these Discussions. — Important Conversions among the educated Classes. — Doctors Leon and Michel. — Mission of Han-Tcheou-Fou. — Violent Persecution. — Memorial against the Christians. — Apologies frojn the Christian Doctors. — Edict against Christianity. — Courage of the Neophytes. — Poisoning, Flagellation, and Torture Death of two Neophytes. — The JNlissionaries shut up in Cages. — New Establishment. — The old Missions to Tartary and Thibet. — Father D'Andrada sets out for Thibet in 1624. — Mountains. — Avalanches. — Pagoda of Badid. — Fables of the Lamas. — Halt in the Valley of Mana. — The King of Sirinagar endeavours to arrest D'Andrada. — Terrible Journey of DAndrada. — Immense Glaciers. — D'Andrada returns. — Reunion of the Caravan. — Arrival in Tiiibet. — The King of Caparangua. — Decree in Favour of the Missionaries. — D'Andrada sets out lor the Indies. — Return to Thibet. — Accounts of the Thibetans. — The King desires to turn Christian. — Opposition of the Lamas. — Religious Discussions. — Scarcity of Information relating to this Mission. — Conjectures of the Tartar Historians - - *• . - . 22G CHAP. VIL Revulutionary Character of the Chinese. — Secret Societies. — Insurrection of the Sect of the White Lily. — Edict against Secret Societies. — Persecution of Christians. — Memorial in their Favour. — Fall of the First Minister Doctor Paul. — The Mantchoo Tartars attack the Empire. — Their Chief swears to exterminate the Dynasty of Ming. — First Successes of the Tartars. — Death of the P^mperor Wang-Lie. — Curious Petition of the Christians

Jesuits summoned to Pekin to make Cannon. — Discovery of the