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Vlll CONTENTS OF THE SECOND VOLUME. Monument of Si-Ngan-Fou. — Testimony of Father Semedo. — Pro- gress of Conversions. — Sincere Piety of the Neophytes. — Admirable Conduct of a Christian Generah — Death of Dr. Leon. — Biogra- piiical Details concerning that illustrious Christian. — Dr. Paul First Minister.' — He favours the Christians. — Commissions the Jesuits to reform the Calendar. — Fathers Schall and Rho arrive at Pekin, — They are placed at the Head of the Board of Celestial Literature. — Death of Dr. Paul — Abject Condition of his Descendants Page 272 CHAP. VIIL Father Schall fabricates a Harpsichord for the Emperor. — Christianity in the Imperial Harem. — The Tartars summoned to the Assistance of the Empire. — Father Schall establishes a Cannon Foundery Gratitude of the Emperor. — Progress of the Insun-ection Ly- Kong the Chief of the Rebels. — He attacks Pekin. — Tragic Death of the Emperor. — Character of this Pi'ince. — The Insurgents at Pekin. — Adam Schall before the revolutionary Tribunal. — First Act of the Government of Ly-Kong. — Submission of the Lettered and the Magistrates. — Heroism of General Ou-San Koui and his Fatner. — Ou-San Koui swears to exterminate Ly-Kong. — He invokes the Tartars. — Rout of the Insurgents. — Terrible Conflagration at Pekin. — The Catholic Mission is saved. — The Mantchoos Masters of the Capital. — Character of their Policy. — Memorial of Father Schall. — He is appointed President of the Board of Mathematics. — The Government Astronomers. — The JMantchoos favour the Missionaries. — Father Martini and a Tartar Cliief. — The Tyrant Tchang-Kien ravages and depopulates Sse- Tcliouen. — Adventures of Fathers Buglio and Magalhans. — Father Schall at Pekin - - - - - 312 CHAP. IX. Legend respecting the Origin of the Mantchoo Tartars. — Father Schall and the King of the Coreans. — Rash Enterprise of the Regent of the Empire. — Ama-AVang listens to the Advice of Father Schall. — Influence of that celebrated Missionary. — The Claimants of the ancient Dynasty. — Their Friendliness to Christianity. — Dissensions among the Chinese Claimants. — They are Destroyed by Ama-Wang. — Death of that illustrious Tartar. — Majority of the young Emperor. — Application of Father Schall. — His Advice to the Emperor. — Intimacy between Father Schall and the Emperor. — Chun-Tche loves and favours Christianity. — Pro- gress of the Missionaries. — Construction of a beautiful Churcii at Pekin. — Zeal of the Christians. — Religious Associations. — Titles conferred by tlie Emperor on Father Schall and his Ancestors. — Sickness of Cliun-Tche. — Exhortations of Father Schall. — Death

of the Emperor. — His Funeral - - - - 351