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Dictionary of English Literature

Marchioness (1901), etc. Plays, Phyllis, The Showman's Daughter, Esmeralda, Little Lord Fauntleroy, etc.

Bury, John B., LL.D., etc. (1861).—Historian. History of the Later Roman Empire from Arcadius to Irene (1889), History of Greece to Death of Alexander the Great (1900), Life of St. Patrick (1905); has ed. Pindar's Nemean Odes and Isthmian Odes, Gibbon's Decline and Fall, and part of E. A. Freeman's works.

Butcher, Samuel Henry, LL.D., etc. (1850).—Scholar. Prose Translations of the Odyssey (1879), with A. Lang, Some Aspects of the Greek Genius (1891-1904), Aristotle's Theory of Poetry (1895, 1903), etc.

Butler, Sir William Francis, G.C.B. (1838).—Traveller and biographer. The Great Lone Land (1872), The Wild North Land (1873), The Campaign of the Cataracts (1887), From Naboth's Vineyard (1907), Lives of Gen. Gordon, Sir C. Napier, Sir G. P. Colley, etc.

Cable, George Washington (1844).—American novelist. Old Creole Days (1879), The Grandissimes (1880), Madame Delphine (1881), Dr. Sevier (1884), John March (1884), The Cavalier (1901), Bylow Hill (1902), Kincard's Battery (1908), etc.

Caine, Hall (1853).—Novelist. Shadow of a Crime (1885), Son of Hagar (1886), The Deemster (1887), The Bondman (1890), The Scapegoat (1891), The Manxman (1894), The Christian (1897), The Eternal City (1901), The Prodigal Son (1904), The White Prophet (1909), etc., several of which have been dramatised. Has also written books on Rossetti and Coleridge.

Cambridge, Ada (Mrs. Cross) (1844).—Australian novelist. A Marked Man (1891), The Three Miss Kings (1891), A Little Minx (1893), Fidelis (1895), Materfamilias (1898), The Devastators (1901), A Happy Marriage (1906), The Eternal Feminine (1907), etc.

Campbell, Wilfred, LL.D. (1861).—Poet. Lake Lyrics (1889), Dread Voyage Poems (1893), Mordred and Hildebrand Tragedies (1895), Beyond the Hills of Dream (1899), Ian of the Orcades (1906), (novel), A Beautiful Rebel (1909), etc.

Castle, Egerton (1858).—Novelist. Consequences (1891), The Light of Scarthey (1895), The Jerningham Letters (1896), The Pride of Jennico (1898), Desperate Remedies (play), Young April (1899), The Secret Orchard (1899), Incomparable Bellairs (1904), Diamond Cuts Paste (1907), Wroth (1908), (several with Agnes Castle), etc.

Chambers, Robert William (1865).—American novelist. In the Quarter (1895), The Red Republic (1896), Lorraine, The Cambric Mask, The Maids of Paradise (1903), A Young Man in a Hurry (1906), The Fighting Chance (1907), The Firing Line (1908), etc.

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith (1874).—Essayist, etc. The Wild Knight, Greybeards at Play, Twelve Types, The Napoleon