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Dictionary of English Literature

of Notting Hill, Club of Queer Trades (1905), Heretics (1905), All Things Considered (1908), Tremendous Trifles (1909), books on R. Browning, Dickens, G. F. Watts, G. B. Shaw, etc.

Cholmondeley, Mary.—Novelist. Diana Tempest, Red Pottage, Moth and Rust (1902), Prisoners (1906), The Lowest Rung (1908).

Churchill, Winston (1871).—American novelist. The Celebrity, Richard Carvel (1899), The Crisis (1901), The Crossing (1903), Coniston (1906), Mr. Crewe's Career (1908).

Clifford, Mrs. W. K. (Lane).—Novelist, etc. Mrs. Keith's Crime (1885), Love Letters of a Worldly Woman (1891), Aunt Anne (1893), A Woman Alone (1901), The Modern Way (1906), etc., and various plays.

Clodd, Edward (1840).—Scientific writer, etc. The Childhood of the World (1872), The Childhood of Religions (1875), Myths and Dreams (1885), Story of Primitive Man (1895), Primer of Evolution (1895), Animism (1906), etc.

Coleridge, Christabel Rose (1843).—Novelist. Lady Betty (1869), The Face of Carlyon (1875), An English Squire (1881), A Near Relation (1886), Waynflete (1893), The Winds of Cathrigg (1901), etc.

Colvin, Sidney, D.Litt. (1845).—Writer on art, etc. A Florentine Picture-Chronicle (1898), Early Engraving and Engravers in England (1906), Lives of Keats, Landor; ed. Letters of Keats and R. L. Stevenson, and the Edinburgh ed. of the latter's works, etc.

"Connor, Ralph" (Rev. C. W. Gordon) (1860).—Novelist, etc. The Sky Pilot, The Man from Glengarry, The Doctor of Crow's Nest, etc.

Conrad, Joseph.—Novelist. Almayer's Folly (1895), An Outcast of the Islands (1896), Tales of Unrest (1898), Lord Jim (1900), Typhoon (1903), Nostromo (1904), The Mirror of the Sea (1906), The Secret Agent (1907), A Set of Six (1908).

Corelli, Marie (1864).—Novelist. A Romance of Two Worlds (1886), Vendetta (1886), Thelma (1887), Soul of Lilith (1892), Sorrows of Satan (1895), Mighty Atom (1896), Murder of Delicia (1896), Ziska (1897), The Master Christian (1900), God's Good Man (1904), The Treasure of Heaven (1906), Holy Orders (1908).

Cotes, Mrs. Everard (Duncan) (1861).—Novelist. A Social Departure (1890), American Girl in London (1891), The Simple Adventures of a Mem Sahib, Story of Sunny Sahib, His Honour and a Lady, Pool in the Desert (1903), Set in Authority (1906), The Burnt Offering (1909), etc.

Courthope, William John, C.B., LL.D. (1842.)—Critic, biographer, etc. Ludibria Lunæ (1869), Paradise of Birds (1870), History of English Poetry (vol. vi. 1910), and Lives of Addison and Pope.