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Dictionary of English Literature

Courtney, Wm. Leonard, LL.D. (1850).—Critic, etc. Studies New and Old (1888), Dramas and Diversions (1900), The Literary Man's Bible (1909), etc.

Craddock, Charles Egbert (see Murfree).

Crockett, Samuel Rutherford (1860).—Novelist and poet. The Stickit Minister (1893), The Raiders (1894), Lilac Sun-bonnet (1894), Bog, Myrtle, and Peat (1895), Men of the Moss Hags (1895), Grey Man (1896), Standard Bearer (1898), Joan of the Sword Hand (1900), Love Idylls (1901), Me and Myn (1907), Bloom of the Heather (1908), Men of the Mountain (1909).

Crommelin, May de la Cherois.—Novelist. Queenie, My Love She's but a Lassie, Orange Lily, For the Sake of the Family, Crimson Lilies, I Little Knew, etc.

Cunningham, William, D.D. (1849).—Economist, etc. Growth of English Industry and Commerce, Western Civilisation, Modern Civilisation, Use and Abuse of Money, Path Towards Knowledge, Rise and Decline of Free Trade, etc.

Cunninghame-Graham, Robert Bontine (1852).—Traveller, essayist, etc. Father Archangel of Scotland (1896), with Mrs. C.-G.: Aurora la Cugini, Mogreb el Acksa, Journey in Morocco (1898), Thirteen Stories (1900), A Vanished Arcadia (1901), Life of Hernando do Soto (1903), Faith (1909), etc.

Davis, Richard Harding (1864).—American novelist, etc. Soldiers of Fortune, The Princess Aline, In the Fog, Captain Macklin, Real Soldiers of Fortune (1906), The Scarlet Car (1908), also books on his adventures in Venezuela, Cuba, South Africa, etc.

De Morgan, William Frend (1839).—Novelist. Joseph Vance: An Ill-written Autobiography (1906), Alice-for-short: A Dichronism (1907), Somehow Good (1908), It Never can Happen Again (1909).

Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes.—Historical writer. Revolution and Reaction in Modern France, The Development of Parliament in the Nineteenth Century, The Greek View of Life, The Meaning of Good, Letters of John Chinaman, A Modern Symposium, Justice and Liberty (1909), etc.

Dilke, Sir Charles Wentworth, Bart., P.C., LL.D., etc. (1843).—Political writer. Greater Britain (1868), The Fall of Prince Floristan of Monaco, Problems of Greater Britain (1890), etc.

Dircks, Rudolf.—Novelist, dramatist, etc. Verisimilitudes, The Libretto, Broken Off, In the Corridor, A Mean Advantage, etc.

Dobson, Henry Austin, LL.D. (1840).—Poet and biographer. Poems, Vignettes in Rhyme (1873), Proverbs in Porcelain (1877), Old World Idylls (1883), At the Sign of the Lyre (1885). Prose, Thomas Bewick and his Pupils (1884), Eighteenth Century Vignettes