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A Statistical Account

last three centuries: his contributions include memoirs of Smollett and of Sir John Vanbrugh. Mr. G. A. Aitken has treated of several writers of the Restoration and Queen Anne's reign. Mr. W. P. Courtney has written nearly six hundred articles on Cornishmen and on literary workers of the eighteenth century. Mr. Austin Dobson has likewise contributed memoirs of several eighteenth-century men of letters, including Richard Steele and Horace Walpole. Dr. Richard Garnett, C.B., has dealt with numerous men of letters of the nineteenth century, including Bossetti, Shelley, and Southey; some minor women writers of the same period have been commemorated by Miss Elizabeth Lee. Mr. H. R. Tedder has described the careers of printers and bookcollectors; and various authors of Lancashire birth have been treated by Mr. C. W. Sutton. Orientalists have been mainly undertaken by Professor Stanley Lane-Poole, Professor R. K. Douglas, Professor Cecil Bendall, and the Rev. Professor Margoliouth. Artists have been entrusted to Mr. Lionel Cust, Mr. Austin Dobson, Mr. Cosmo Monkhouse, Mr. R. E. Graves, Mr. F. M. O'Donoghue, Mr. Campbell Dodgson, and Sir Walter Armstrong; architects in later volumes to Mr. Paul Waterhouse; numismatists and medallists throughout the work to Mr. Warwick Wroth, and musicians to Mr. W. Barclay Squire, Mr. J. A. Fuller Maitland, Mr. H. Davey, Mr. F. G. Edwards, Mr. J. Cuthbert Hadden, Mr. R. H. Legge, and Miss Middleton. Physicians have been handled by Dr. J. F. Payne and by Dr. Norman Moore, who has also treated of many writers in the Irish tongue; surgeons, from the letter L, by Mr. D'Arcy Power; astronomers by Miss A. M. Clerke; botanists by Mr. G. S. Boulger and Mr. B. B. Woodward; geologists, from the letter M, by Professor Bonney, F. R. S.; chemists, from the letter M, by Mr. P. J. Hartog; many engineers and inventors by Mr. R. B. Prosser; mathematicians by Mr. E. Irving Carlyle; agriculturists, from the letter P, by Sir Ernest Clarke, F.S.A.; and economists, from L, by Professor W. A. S. Hewins.

The table on the pages that follow shows the total number of pages contributed by the thirty-four largest regular contributors. Only those whose contributions reach a total of pages nearly equivalent to half a volume or more are included. It will be seen that this table accounts for the production of no less than thirty-eight volumes.

The names of only seven contributors appear in the prefatory lists of all the sixty-three volumes namely, Mr. Thompson Cooper, Mr. W. P. Courtney, the Rev. Alexander Gordon, the Rev. William Hunt, Professor J. K. Laughton, Mr. Sidney Lee, and Dr. Norman Moore. The name of Mr. J. M. Rigg is absent only from one volume — viz. Volume LII. Dr. Garnett's name appears in all but two (Volumes XXVI. and LVI.), and