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A Statistical Account

The thirty-four contributors who have written the largest
number of pages in the dictionary

Name Full Amount of
approximately in
number of pages
Amount of Contributions
reckoned in volumes
No. of
Dr. Norman Moore . . . . 280  Two-thirds 454
Mr. James Gairdner, C.B. . . 270  Five-eights 77
Sheriff Mackay . . . . . 260  Five-eights 125
Dr. Author:Richard Garnett, C.B. . . 230  One half 177
Mr. W. A. J. Archbold . . . 220  One half 351
Mr. G. Le Grys Norgate . . . 220  One half 241
Mr. James Tait . . . . 210  One half 118
Mr. H. Morse Stephens . . . 210  One half 229
Mr. Cosmo Monkhouse . . . 200  One half 137
Totals . 16920  Thirty-eight 15769

Mr. Leslie Stephen and Mr. C. W. Sutton in all but three. Mr. T. F. Henderson and Mr. Joseph Knight figure in every volume excepting four, Mr. J. A. Hamilton in every volume excepting five. Mr. C. H. Firth and Mr. Warwick Wroth contribute to fifty-seven of the sixtythree volumes, the late Mr. G. C. Boase to fifty-six volumes, Mr. G. F. Russell Barker and Mr. Lionel Cust to fifty-five volumes, Professor T. F. Tout to fifty-four volumes, and Mr. Thomas Bayne to fifty volumes.

The following regular contributors have died during the progress of the work: G. T. Bettany (d. 1892); George Clement Boase (d. 1897); H. Manners Chichester (d. 1894); C. H. Coote (d. 1898); Dr. John Westby Gibson (d. 1892) ; Sir John T. Gilbert (d. 1898); John Miller Gray, curator of Scottish National Gallery (d. 1894) ; Dr. W. A. Greenhill (d. 1894); Dr. A. B. Grosart (d. 1899) ; Robert Harrison, late librarian of the London Library (d. 1897) ; the Rev. Dr. Luard (d. 1891); Walter H. Tregellas (d. 1894); and the Rev. Canon Venables (d. 1895). Memoirs of the last three contributors have been included in volumes of the Dictionary that have been published subsequently to the dates of their deaths. Special commemoration is due to the late G. C. Boase and the late H. Manners Chichester, whose contributions in their several lines of study were very numerous. Their zeal for the undertaking was great,