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XXV. Wherein is set down the braying adventure, and the droll one of the puppet-showman, together with the memorable divinations of the divining ape 174
XXVI. Wherein is continued the droll adventure of the puppet-showman, together with other things in truth right good 182
XXVII. Wherein it is shown who Master Pedro and his ape were, together with the mishap Don Quixote had in the braying adventure, which he did not conclude as he would have liked or as he had expected 190
XXVIII. Of matters that Benengeli says he who reads them will know, if he reads them with attention 196
XXIX. Of the famous adventure of the enchanted bark 201
XXX. Of Don Quixote's adventure with a fair huntress 207
XXXI. Which treats of many and great matters 212
XXXII. Of the reply Don Quixote gave his censurer, with other incidents, grave and droll 220
XXXIII. Of the delectable discourse which the duchess and her damsels held with Sancho Panza, well worth reading and noting 233
XXXIV. Which relates how they learned the way in which they were to disenchant the peerless Dulcinea del Toboso, which is one of the rarest adventures in this book 240
XXXV. Wherein is continued the instruction given to Don Quixote touching the disenchantment of Dulcinea, together with other marvellous incidents 248
XXXVI. Wherein is related the strange and undreamt of adventure of the Distressed Duenna, alias the Countess Trifaldi, together with a letter which Sancho Panza wrote to his wife, Teresa Panza 254
XXXVII. Wherein is continued the notable adventure of the Distressed Duenna 260
XXXVIII. Wherein is told the Distressed Duenna's tale of her misfortunes 263