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XXXIX. In which the Trifaldi continues her marvellous and memorable story 268
XL. Of matters relating and belonging to this adventure and to this memorable history 271
XLI. Of the arrival of Clavileño and the end of this protracted adventure 276
XLII. Of the counsels which Don Quixote gave Sancho Panza before he set out to govern the island, together with other well-considered matters 286
XLIII. Of the second set of counsels Don Quixote gave Sancho Panza 291
XLIV. How Sancho Panza was conducted to his government, and of the strange adventure that befell Don Quixote in the castle 297
XLV. Of how the great Sancho Panza took possession of his island, and of how he made a beginning in governing 307
XLVI. Of the terrible bell and cat fright that Don Quixote got in the course of the enamoured Altisidora's wooing 314
XLVII. Wherein is continued the account of how Sancho Panza conducted himself in his government 318
XLVIII. Of what befell Don Quixote with Doña Rodriguez, the duchess's duenna, together with other occurrences worthy of record and eternal remembrance 326
XLIX. Of what happened to Sancho Panza in making the round of his island 334
L. Wherein is set forth who the enchanters and executioners were who flogged the duenna and pinched Don Quixote, and also what befell the page who carried the letter to Teresa Panza, Sancho Panza's wife 344
LI. Of the progress of Sancho's government, and other such entertaining matters 352
LII. Wherein is related the adventure of the second distressed or afflicted duenna, otherwise called Doña Rodriguez 359
LIII. Of the troublous end and termination Sancho Panza's government came to 365