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1850) or Hungarian Geolog. Soc. (1850), Földtani Közlöny. Brünn,

Wernerscher Geol. Ver., Jahresber. Darmstadt, Mittelrheinischer Geolog. Ver. (1851), Mittheil. (1855, &c.). Dresden, Gebirgs-Ver. (1855). Switzerland: Schweizerische Geolog. Ges. (1882), section of Allg. Schw. Ges. Zürich, Schweiz. Paléontol. Ges. (1874), Abhandl. (1875, &c.). Italy: Rome, Soc. Sismol. Ital. (1895), Boll.; Soc. Geol. Ital., founded at the second International Geological Congress. Belgium: Antwerp, Soc. Paléontol. (1857), Bull. Brussels, Soc. Belge de Géol., de Paléont. et d'Hydrol. (1887), Bull. , Mém. and Proc.-verb. Charleroi, Soc. Paléontol. (1863), Documents et Rapports (1866, &c.). Liége, Soc. Géol. de Belgique, Annales (1874, &c.). Sweden: Stockholm, Geologiska Förening (1871), Förhändlingar (1872, &c). Russia: St Petersburg, Imp. Russian Mineralog. Soc. (1816), Trans., pub. in Russian, German and French (1830, &c.). Argentine Republic: Buenos Aires, Soc. Paleontol. Mexico: Mexico,

Soc. Geol. Mexicana (1904), Bol.
VII. Meteorology
The International Meteorological Congress first met at Brussels in

1853. The Royal Meteorological Society (1850) of London was incorporated in 1866; its organ is Quarterly Journal (1873, &c.). To this must be added the British Rainfall Society; the Scottish Meteorological Society holds its meetings at Edinburgh and issues a Journal (1866, &c.). Port Louis (Mauritius), Meteorolog. Soc. Trans. (1853, &c.). Paris, Soc. Météorolog. de France (1852), Annuaire (1853, &c.) and Nouvelles Météorolog. (1868, &c.). Berlin, Deutsche Meteor. Ges. (1883), Ztschr. Hamburg, Deutsche Meteorolog. Ges. (1883), Ztschr. Magdeburg, Ver. f. landwirtsch. Wetterkunde (1881). Meissen, Gesellsch., Isis. Vienna, Österreich. Ges. f. Meteorol., Zeitschrift (1866, &c.). Modena, Soc. Meteorolog. Ital. Gothenburg, Kungl. Vetenskaps- och Vitterhets-samhället (1778),

VIII. Microscopy
The Royal Microscopical Society (1839, incorporated 1866), with

Transactions (1842-1868) and Journal (1869, &c.); the Quekett Microscopical Club (1865), with a Journal (1868, &c.); and the Postal Microscopic Society (1873), also with a Journal, are located in London. There are suburban societies at Ealing (1877), Hackney (1877), Highbury (1878), South London (1871), and Sydenham (1871). In the provinces may be mentioned those at Bath (1859), Birmingham (1880), Bolton (1877), Bradford (1882), Bristol (1843), Carlisle, Chichester (Trans.), Croydon (1870, Trans.), Dublin (1840), East Kent (1858), Edinburgh, Liverpool (1868, Trans.), Manchester(1880), and Sheffield (1877). In the United States the State Microscop. Soc. of Illinois publishes the Lens (1872, &c.); Buffalo, Amer. Soc. of Microscopists; New York, Microscop. Soc.; Urbana, Amer. Micros. Soc. (1878), Proc. (1879), Trans. (1895, &c.). Brussels, Soc. Belge de Microscop. (1875), Proc.-verb. (1875, &c.) and Annales (1876, &c.). Berlin, Ges. f. Mikroskop. (1877), Ztschr. (1878, &c.).

Hanover, Ges. f. Mikroskop. (1879), Jahresber.
IX. Botany and Horticulture
Linnaean societies, which usually deal with both zoology and

botany, are placed in the general class (No. i.). The Congrès International d'Horticulture first met at Brussels in 1864, and the Congrès International de Botanique at Amsterdam in 1865. The Royal Botanic Society of London (incorporated 1839) has gardens in the inner circle of Regent's Park, and issues a Quarterly Record (1880, &c.). The Royal Horticultural Society (established in 1804, incorporated in 1809) has gardens at Chiswick, and publishes a Journal (1846, &c.). The chief provincial societies are—Aberdeen, North of Scotl. Hortic. Assoc. (1879), Trans. Arbroath, Hortic. Assoc. (1880). Birmingham, Bot. and Hortic. Soc. (1829), gardens. Dublin, Roy. Hortic. Soc. (1830). Liverpool, Bot. Soc. (1906). Edinburgh, Bot. Soc. (1836), Proc. (1837, &c.) and Trans. (1844, &c.); Royal Scottish Arboric. Soc. (1854), Trans.; Cryptogamic Soc. of Scotl. (1875). Canada: Kingston, Bot. Soc. of Canada (1860), Annals

(1861, &c.).
United States: Baltimore, Bot. Soc. Amer. (1894). Boston,

Hortic. Soc. (1829). New York, Torrey Botanical Club (1858, reorganized 1867), Bull. (1870, &c.). San Francisco, State Hortic. Soc. Washington, Bot. Soc. of Wash. (1901). France: Beauvais, Soc. d'Hortic. et de Bot. (1864), Bull. (1864, &c.). Bordeaux, Soc. d'Hortic. Chartres, Soc. d'Hortic. et de Viticulture. Chauny, Soc. de Pomologie, Dijon, Soc. d'Hortic. Fontenay-le-Comte, Soc. d'Hortic. Lisieux, Soc. d'Hortic. et de Bot. (1866), Bull. (1866, &c.). Lyons, Soc. d'Hortic. Pratique (1844), Bull. (1844, &c.) Soc. Bot. (1872), Annales (1872, &c.); Soc. Pomologique (1872), Bull. (1872, &c.). Moulins, Soc. d'Hortic. Nîmes, Soc. d'Hortic. Niort, Soc. d'Hortic. Orleans, Soc. d'Hortic. (1839), Bull. (1841, &c.). Paris, Soc. Nat. d' Hortic., (1827; declared of public utility 1852), Journal; Soc. Bot. de France, Bull. (1854), Mém. (1905, &c.). Rouen, Soc. Centr. d'Hortic. Saint Germain-en-Laye, Soc. d'Hortic. Senlis, Soc. d'Hortic. Troyes, Soc. d'Hortic. Versailles, Soc. d'Hortic. Germany and Austria-Hungary: Berlin, Bot. Ver. (1859), Verhandl. (1859, &c.); Deutsche Bot. Ges. (1882), Berichte (1883, &c.); Horticult. Ges. Blankenburg, Bot. Ver. Bonn, Bot. Ver. (1818), Jahresber. (1837, &c.). Danzig, Westpr. Bot.-zool. Ver. (1878), Jahresber. Dresden, “Flora”: Ges. für Bot. u. Gartenbau (1826), Sitzungsber. Erfurt, Gartenbau Ver. Frankfort, Gartenbau Ges. Freiburg, Bot. Ver. Gorlitz, Gartenbau Ver. Gotha, Thüringer Gartenbau Ver. Klagenfurt, Kärntnerische Gartenbau Ges. Landshut, Bot. Ver. (1864). Meiningen, Ver. f. Pomologie u. Gartenbau. Munich, Bayerische Botanische Ges., Mittheil. (1890). Ratisbon, K. Bayerische Bot. Ges. (1790), Flora (1818, &c.) and Repertorium (1864, &c.). Reutlingen, Pomolog. Inst. Sondershausen, Bot. Ver. Stuttgart, Gartenbau Ges., Flora. Vienna, K. k. Gartenbau Ges.; Botan. Ver., Verhandl. (1851, &c.). Weimar, Ver. f. Blumistik. Würzburg, Bot. Inst., Arbeiten (1871, &c.). Italy: Milan, Soc. Crittog. Ital., Atti (1878, &c.). Belgium: Antwerp, Soc. Roy. d'Hortic. et d'Agr.; Soc. Phytologique, Annales (1864, &c.). Bruges, Soc. d'Hortic. et de la Bot. Brussels, Soc. Roy. de Bot. with State Botanical Garden (1862), Bull. (1862, &c.); Soc. Roy. de Flore; Soc. Centr. d' Arboric, Annales. Liége, Soc. Roy. d'Hortic. Holland: Ghent, Kruidkundig Genootschap Dodonaea (1887), Tijdschr. Leiden, Nederl. Bot. Vereen. Luxembourg, Soc. de Bot., Recueil (1874, &c.). Nimeguen, Nederl. Bot. Vereen, Archief (1871, &c.). Denmark: Copenhagen, Bot.

Forening, Tidsskrift (1866, &c.).
X. Zoology
Societies dealing with natural history in general, or zoology and

botany together, come under class i. The first International Ornithological Congress was held at St Petersburg. The Zoological Society of London (1826, incorporated 1829) is famous for its collection of animals at Regent's Park. It publishes Proceedings (8vo, 1830, &c.) and Transactions (4to, 1835, &c.). In London also are the British Ornithologists' Union (1859); Entomological Society of London (1833), Trans. (1834, &c.); National Fish Culture Association (1883); Malacolog. Soc. (1893). The Concholog. Soc. (1876) meets at Manchester, which also has an Entomolog. Soc. (1902). The Marine Biological Association of Great Britain (1884), for the study of marine food fishes and shell-fish, has a laboratory at Plymouth. The Royal Zoological Society of Ireland (1831) has gardens in the Phoenix Park. There is the British Beekeepers' Association (1874). Australia and New Zealand: Auckland, Acclimatisation Soc. Brisbane, Acclimat. Soc. Christchurch, Acclimat. Soc. Melbourne, Zoolog. and Acclimat. Soc. of Victoria, Report (1861, &c.); Australasian Ornitho. Union (1896), The Emu. Sydney, Acclimat. Soc. of N.S. Wales, Report (1862, &c.); Entomolog. Soc. of N.S.W., Trans. (1863, &c.). Wellington, Westland Nat. and Acclimat. Soc. Africa: Cape Town, Zoolog. Soc. Port Louis (Mauritius), Soc. d'Acclimat.

Canada: Toronto, Entomolog. Soc.; Beekeepers' Assoc.
United States: Cambridge, Nuttall Ornitholog. Club, Bull. (1876)

and Memoirs (1886); and Entomolog. Club, Psyche (1874, &c.); Amer. Soc. Zoologists (1890). Cincinnati Soc. of Nat. Hist. (1870), Journs. (1879). Illinois Central Beekeepers' Association. New York, Entom. Soc. (1892), Journal; N. Y. Zoolog. Soc. (1895), Rep. Guide Book. Pasadena, Cooper Ornith. Club (1893) founded at San Jose, Pacific Avifauna (1900, &c.), The Condor (1899, &c.). Philadelphia, Zoolog. Soc. (1859), Report (1874, &c.); and Amer. Entomolog. Soc. (1859), Proc. (1861-1866), Trans. (1867, &c.). Washington, Amer. Ornith. Union (1883), The Auk (1884, &c.); Biolog. Soc. (1901); and Entomolog. Soc. (1884), Proc. France: Alais, Soc. Séricicole, Bull. (1876, &c.). Amiens, Soc. d'Apiculture, Bull. (1875, &c.). Clermont, Soc. Centr. d'Apicult., Bull. (1875, &c.). Lille, Inst. Zoolog. à Wimereux, Travaux (1877, &c.). Paris, Soc. Nat. d'Acclimat. (1854), Bull. Mensuel (1854, &c.) and Chron. Bimens. (1875, &c.); Soc. Zoolog. de France, Bull. (1876, &c.); Soc. Entomolog. de France, Annales (1832); and Soc. de Biologie (1848), Comptes Rendus (1849, &c.). Germany and Austria-Hungary: Wanderversammlung Deutscher Bienenzuchter, Verhandl. (1856, &c.). Bendorf, Akklimat.-Ver. Berlin, Akklimat.-Ver. (1856), Zeitschr. (1858, &c.); Central-Inst. f. Akklimat., Mittheil. (1859, &c.); Deutsche Zoolog. Ges.; Deutsche Ornithol. Ges. (1850), Journal (1853, &c.); Deutsche Fischerei Ver., Publikat. (1871, &c.); Berliner Entomolog. Ges. (1856), Entomolog. Zeitschr. (1857, &c.); D. Entomol. Ges. (1881), Ztschr.; Ver. zum Beförd. des Seidenbaues, Jahresber. (1869, &c.); Physiolog. Ges. (1875), Verhandl. (1877, &c.). Breslau, Physiolog. Inst., Studien (1861, &c.); Ver. f. Schles. Insektenkunde, Zeitschr. (1847, &c.). Brunswick, Deutsche Ornitholog. Ges. Carlsruhe, Badischer Ver. f. Geflügelzucht, Monatsblatt (1872, &c.). Frankenberg, Bienenwirthschaftl. Haupt-Ver., Sächs. Bienenfreund (1865, &c.). Frankfort, Zoolog. Ges., Der Zoolog. Garten (1860, &c.); Deutsche Malakozoolog. Ges. (1868), Jahrbücher (1874-1887) and Nachrichtsblatt (1869, &c.). Halberstadt, Deutsche Ornitholog. Ges. Halle, Ornitholog. Central-Ver. Hamburg, Zoolog. Ges., Ber. (1862, &c.). Hanover, Bienenwirthschaftl. Central-Ver., Centralblatt (1865, &c.). Leipzig, Sächs. Seidenbau Ver., Zeitschr. (1868, &c.). Munich, Entomolog. Ver. (1876); Fischerei Ver., Mittheil. (1876, &c.). Nordlingen, Ver. Deutscher Bienenwirthe, B.-Zeitung (1845, &c.). Ratisbon Zoolog.-mineralog. Ver. (see class i.). Stettin, Ornitholog. Ver. (1873), Jahresber. (1873, &c.); Entomolog. Ver. (1837), Ent. Zeitung (1840, &c.). Trieste, Zoolog. Inst. u. Zoology Station (1875), Arbeiten (1878, &c.). Troppau, Schles. Bienenzucht-Ver. (1873). Vienna, Entomolog. Ver.; Embryolog. Inst., Mittheil. (1871, &c.); Ornitholog. Ver. Würzburg, Zoolog.-zootomisches Inst. (1872), Arbeiten (1874, &c.). Switzerland: Bern, Schweiz. Entomolog. Ges. (1858), Mitteil. (1862,

&c.). Geneva, Assoc. Zoolog. du Léman; Soc. Ornitholog. Suisse