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(1865), Bull. (1866, &c.). Zürich, Internat. Entomologenverein (1886)

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Zoolog. (1875, &c.); Soc. Entomolog. Argent.
XI. Anthropology
The Congrès International d'Anthropologie et d'Archéologie

Prehistoriques held its first meeting at Neuchâtel in 1866; it issues Comptes rendus (1866, &c.). The Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland was founded in 1871 upon the Ethnological Society (1843), which published a Journal (1848-1856) and Transactions (1859-1869), and the Anthropological Society (1863), which issued Memoirs (1863-1869) and the Anthropological Review (1864-1870). The Institute brings out a Journal (1871, &c.).

Sydney, Roy. Anthropolog. Soc. (1896). Bombay, The Gatha Soc. (1903), occasional pamphlets.

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Protokotyzasedanij (1901, &c.).
XII. Sociology (Economic Science, Statistics, Law, Education)
The international societies are the Association Internationale pour

le Progrès des Sciences Sociales and the Congrès International de Statistique which first met at Brussels in 1853. Both have issued Comptes rendus. The Congrès International de Bienfaisance may be traced to a suggestion at the Congrès Pénitentiaire held at Frankfort in 1847. The first meeting took place at Brussels in 1856. The Inst. Internat. de Sociologie (1893) has its headquarters at Paris. The National Association for the Promotion of Social Science (1857) had united with it in 1864 the Society for Promoting the Amendment of the Law. It held a yearly migratory meeting, and published Transactions (1858, &c.) and Social Science (1866, &c.). The Sociological Soc., the Eugenics Education Soc. and the Roy. Economic Soc. are established in London. The Royal Statistical Society (1834) incorporated 1887, publishes a Journal (1839, &c.); Cobden Club (1866), for the diffusion of the political and economical principles with which Cobden's name is associated, has issued a variety of publications; Institute of Actuaries (incorp. 1884); Institute of Chartered Accountants (1880); Institute of Bankers (1879); the Society of Incorporated Accountants and Auditors (1885), and the Chartered Institute of Secretaries, also meet in London. There are also the Manchester Statistical Society (1833), with Transactions; the Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland and the Scottish Society of Economists (1897), both meeting at Edinburgh; and the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland (1847), with a Journal at Dublin. After the Inns of Court (q.v.), the most important of British legal societies is the Law Society (1827, incorporated 1832, reincorp. 1845); it began courses of lectures for students in 1833 and was appointed registrar of solicitors ten years later, and obtained supplementary charters in 1845 and 1878. This society has a fine building, with library and examination hall in Chancery Lane London. There are over 70 provincial societies, most of them being associated with the parent body. The Verulam Society (1846) published a few books and came to an end. The Selden Society established in 1887 for the promotion of the study of the history of law, prints ancient records. The headquarters of the Association for the Reform and Codification of the Law of Nations are in London but conferences are held in various continental towns. The Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (founded 1882, incorporated 1891) issues Transactions. The Juridical Society of Edinburgh (1773) published five editions of a Complete System of Conveyancing. The Ascham Society was founded in 1879 for the improvement of educational methods; and the Society for the Development of the Science of Education

(1875) issued Transactions.
United States: Baltimore, Amer. Pol. Sc. Assoc. (1903), Proc.

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(1792), Memorias. Japan: Tokio, Statist. Soc.
XIII. Medicine and Surgery
The first meeting of the Congrès Médical International was held at

Paris in 1867; a Bulletin has been issued annually since 1868, and the first Surgical Congress was held in Paris in 1885. The first Congrès Périodique Internat. d'Ophthalmologie took place at Brussels in 1857. The Royal Colleges of Physicians and of Surgeons of London, Edinburgh and Dublin do not come within our scope. The Medical Society of London (1773) is the oldest in the metropolis; it has issued Memoirs (1787-1805), Transactions (1810, &c.), and Proceedings (1872, &c.). The Royal Society of Medicine was formed, by Royal charter in 1907 by the amalgamation of the following societies: Roy. Med. and Chir. Soc. (1805), Pathological Soc. (1846), Epidemiological Soc. (1850), Odontol. Soc. of Gt. Britain (1856), Obstetrical Soc. (1858), Clinical Soc. (1867), Dermatological Soc. of London (1882), British Gynaecological Soc. (1884), Neurolog. Soc. (1886), British Laryngol. Rhinol. and Otological Assoc. (1888), Laryngol. Soc. (1893), Soc. of Anaesthetists (1893), Dermatol. Soc. of Gt. Brit. and Ireland (1894), Otological Soc. (1899), Soc. for Study of Diseases in Children (1900), British Electro-therapeutic Soc. (1901) and the Therapeutical Soc. (1902). Most of these societies have separate Transactions or Proceedings. Other London societies (past and present) include the Abernethian Society (1795), which issues Proceedings; British Dental Association (1880), with a Journal (1880, &c.); British Homoeopathic Association (1859), with Annals (1860, &c.); British Medical Association (1832), which has more than forty home and colonial branches, and publishes British Medical Journal (1857, &c.); Hahnemann Publishing Society (1852), Materia Medica (1852, &c.); Harveian Society (1831); Hunterian Society (1819), Trans.; Lister

Institute (incorp. 1891); Medico-Legal Soc. of London, Trans.;