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The Architectural Association of London publishes a Sketch Book

(1870, &c.). The Architectural Publishing Society (1848) has published Essays (1848-1852), and since 1852 has been bringing out a Dictionary of Architecture. There is also a Society of Architects (1884, incorp. 1893). The Roy. Inst. of Architects of Ireland meets in Dublin and publishes a Journal.

United States: New York, Inst. of Mining Engineers.; Amer. Soc. of Civ. Eng., Trans.; Amer. Soc. of Mech. Eng., Trans.; Amer. Inst. of Min. Eng.; Amer. Inst. of Architects (1857); Washington, Society of Naval Eng. France: Lyons, Soc. Acad. d'Arch. (1830), Annales (1867, &c.). Paris, Soc. des Ingénieurs Civils, Annuaire (1848, &c.); Soc. Cent. des Architects, Bull. (1851, &c.) and Annales (1875, &c.); it has held a congress since 1875. Saint-Étienne, Soc. de l'Industrie Min. (1855), Bull. Germany and Austria-Hungary: Berlin, Ver. Deutscher Ingenieure, Ztschr. (1857) and Wochenschrift (1877, &c.); Ver. f. Eisenbahnkunde; Akad. des Bauwesens; Architekten-Ver., Ztschr. Breslau, Ver. f. Ges. der Bild. Künste (1862). Constance, Münsterbau Ver. (1881). Dresden, Sachs. Ingen.- u. Architekten-Ver., Protok. Hanover, Arch.- u. Ingen. Ver., Ztschr. Klagenfurt, Berg- und Hütten-Männischer Ver. Leoben, K. k. Berg-Akad. Munich, Bayr. Arch.- u. Ingen.-Ver., Ztschr. Prague, Arch.- und Ingen.-Ver. Vienna, Österr. Ingen.- u. Arch. Ver., Ztschr.; Ges. f. Bild. Künste. Switzerland: Lausanne, Soc. Vaudoise des Ingén. et des Arch. Zürich, Ver. Schweiz. Ingen. u. Arch. Italy: Turin, Soc. degli Ingeneri, Atti (1868-1870). Belgium: Brussels, Assoc. des Ingen. Liége, Assoc. des Ingén. (1847), Annuaire (1851, &c.). Holland: Amsterdam, Maatschappij ter Bevordering der Bouwkunst, Bouwkundige Bijdragen (1843, &c.). The Hague, Kon. Inst, van Ingen., Verslag (1848, &c.), Verhandel. (1848, &c.) and Tijdschr. (1870, &c.). Spain and Portugal: Lisbon, Assoc. dos Engenheiros Civ. Port.; Soc. dos Architectos e Archeologos.

Madrid, Soc. Central de Arquitectos.
XV. Naval and Military Science
The Royal United Service Institution, first known as the Naval and

Military Library and Museum (1831), took the name of the United Service Institution in 1839, and was incorporated in 1860; its professional museum is housed in the banqueting hall at Whitehall; it publishes a Journal (1857, &c.). The Institution of Naval Architects (1860) publishes Transactions (4to, 1860, &c.). The Royal Artillery Institution (1838), which issues Minutes of Proceedings (1858, &c.), is at Woolwich, and the Royal Engineers' Institute (1873), which issues Royal Engineers' Professional Papers, at Chatham. The Navy Records Soc. (1893) publishes works connected with the history of the British Navy. Canada: Toronto, Military Inst.

India: Simla, United Service Institution.
United States: New York, Military Service Inst. (1878), Journal

(1879, &c.); Soc. of Naval Architects and Marine Eng., Proc. Annapolis, U.S. Naval Institute (1873), Proc. France: Paris, Réunion des Officiers, now Cercle Militaire, Bull. (1871, &c.). Germany and Austria-Hungary: Munich, Militär. Ges. (1868), Jahrbuch. (1871, &c.). Vienna, K. k. Milit.-Geogr. Inst., Arbeiten (1871, &c.). Holland: Utrecht, Vereen. tot Verspreiding van Kennis aangaande s'Lands Verdediging, Jaarsverslag (1872, &c.) and Werken. Norway: Christiania, Militaere Samfund, Nordsk Milit. Tidsskrift (1848, &c.). Denmark: Copenhagen, Krigsvidenskabelige Selskab, Milit.

Tidsskrift (1872, &c.).
XVI. Agriculture and Trades
The Royal Agricultural Society of England began as the English

Agricultural Society in 1838 and was incorporated in 1840. It holds annually one migratory meeting in some part of England or Wales and meetings in London, where are its headquarters; it publishes a Journal (1840, &c.). Among provincial agricultural societies and associations may be mentioned—Aberdeen, Roy. Northern Agr. Soc. (1843). Arbroath, Angus Agr. Assoc. Banbury (1834). Basingstoke, Roy. Counties Agr. Soc. (1859). Bath, Bath and West of Engl. Soc. and Southern Counties Assoc. (founded in 1777, enlarged in 1852, and reorganized in 1866), Letters and Papers (1780-1816) and Journal (1852, &c.). Belfast, Chemico-Agr. Soc. of Ulster (1845), Proc.; N.E. Agr. Assoc. of Ireland. Birkenhead, Wirral and Birkenhead Agr. Soc. (1842). Brecknock (1855). Carluke (1833). Chelmsford, Essex Agr. Soc. (1858). Chertsey (1833). Doncaster (1872). Dublin, Roy. Agr. Soc. of Ireland (1841). Edinburgh, Highland and Agr. Soc. of Scotland (1784, incorporated in 1787), Trans. (1799, &c.). Halifax (1839, enlarged in 1858). Ipswich, Suffolk Agr. Assoc. (1831). Otley, Wharfedale Agr. Soc. Paisley, Renfrewshire Agr. Soc. (1802). Warwick. Worcester (1838). Africa: Cape Town, Agr. Soc. Australia: Sydney, Agr. Soc. of N. S. Wales. British Guiana: Georgetown, Roy. Agr. and Commercial Soc. Canada: Montreal, Soc. d'Agr. India: Calcutta, Agr. and Hortic. Soc., Journ. (1842,

United States: There were agricultural societies formed at

Philadelphia and in South Carolina in 1785. The New York Soc. for the Promotion of Agriculture, Arts and Manufactures (1791), the Massachusetts Soc. for Prom. Agriculture (l792), and Columbian Agr. Soc. (1809), issued publications. Albany, State Agr. Soc. (1832), The Cultivator and Journal. Atlanta, State Agr. Soc. Boston, Inst. of Technology. Hoboken, Stevens Inst, of Technol. Madison, State Agr. Soc., Trans. (1852, &c.). Sacramento, Soc. of Agr. and Hortic. San Francisco, Agr. and Hort. Soc. Troy, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst.

(1824). Worcester Polytechnic Institute (1865), Journ. (1897, &c.).
France: Algiers, Soc. d'Agr. (1840), Bull. Agen, Soc. d'Agr.

(1776), Rec. (1800, &c.). Amiens, Soc. Industrielle (1861), Bull. Angers, Soc. d'Agr. (1799), formerly Acad. d'Angers, Proc.-verb. (1846-1854), Mém. (1831, &c.), Documents (1896, &c.). Bordeaux, Soc. d'Agr. Boulogne, Soc. d'Agr. Caen, Assoc. Normande pour l'Agr., l'Industrie, &c. (1831), Annuaire (1835, &c.); Soc. d'Agr. et de Commerce (1762), Mém. (1853-1858) and Bull. (1827, &c.). Châlons-sur-Marne, Soc. d'Agr., &c. (1750), Comptes rendus (1807-1855), Mém. (1855, &c.). Douai, Soc. d'Agr., &c. (1799), Souv. (1861-1885), Mém. (1826, &c.). Elbeuf, Soc. Industr. (1858), Bull. Grenoble, Soc. d'Agr. et d'Hortic. (1835), Sud-Est (1855, &c.). Le Mans, Soc. du Materiel Agr. (1857), Bull. Lyons, Soc. des Sc. Industr. (1862), Annales. Montpellier, Soc. d'Agr. (1799), Bull. (1808, &c.). Nancy, Soc. Centr. d'Agr. Paris, Soc. Nat. d'Agr. de France (1761; reconstructed in 1878 with a view of advising Government on agricultural matters), Mém. and Bull. Perpignan, Soc. Agr. Scientifique et Litt. (1833), Bull. (1834, &c.). Reims, Soc. Industr. (1833), Bull. (1858, &c.). Rouen, Soc. Industr. (1872), Bull.; Soc. Libre d'Émulation, Commerce et Industrie (1790), Bull. (1797). Saint-Jean-d'Angély, Soc. d'Agr. (1819), Bull. (1833, &c.). St Quentin, Soc. Industr. (1868), Bull. Toulouse, Soc. d'Agr. Vesoul, Soc. d Encouragement d'Agr. (1883), Bull. Germany and Austria-Hungary: The migratory Congress Deutscher Volkswirthe first met at Gotha in 1858. Agram, Kroatisch-Slav. Landwirths. Ges., Blätter. Augsburg, Landwirths. Ver., Landw. Blätter. Berlin, Vereinigt. Berliner Kaufleute u. Industr.; Bonn, Landwirthsch. Central-Ver. Bremen, Landwirths. Ver. Breslau, Landwirths. Central- Ver.; Schles. Central Gewerbe-Ver. Budapest, Ungar. Ackerbau Ges., Mittheil.; Industrielle Ges. Cassel, Landwirths. Central-Ver., Mittheil. Cracow, Ackerbau Ges., Annalen. Danzig, Volkswirths. Ges. (1850). Darmstadt, Landwirths. Ver., Ztschr. Dresden, K. Ökonomie Ges.; K. Sächs. Polytechnicum. Fürth, Gewerbe-Ver. Gratz, K. k. Steiermarkische Landwirths. Ges. Greifswald, Baltischer Central-Ver. Halle, Landwirths. Central-Ver. Hanover, Gewerbe-Ver. Innsbruck, K. k. Landwirths. Ges., Wochenschr.; Kärnt. Industrie- u. Gewerbe-Ver. Jena, Landwirths. Inst. Kassa, Magyar Kir. Gazdasági Akad. or Academy for Agriculture. Klausenburg, Magyar Kir. Gazdasági Akad. (1869). Königsberg, Ostpreuss. Landwirths. Central-Ver. Leipzig, Landwirths. Kreis-Ver.; Polytechn. Ges. Linz, K. k. Landwirths. Ges. Lübeck, Landwirths. Ver., Mittheil. Mühlhausen, Soc. Industr., Bull. Munich, Landwirths. Kreis-Ver.; Polytechn. Ver. Nuremberg, Polytechn. Ver. Prague, Böhmischer Gewerbe-Ver.; Industrie Ges., Mittheil. and Annalen. Ratisbon, Landwirths. Kreis-Ver., Bauernfreund. Stuttgart, K. Württemb. Central-Stelle, Wochenblatt. Trieste, Ackerbau Ges. Tübingen, Landwirths. Ver. Vienna, K. k. Reichs Landwirths. Ges., Ztschr. Wiesbaden, Gewerbe-Ver. Switzerland: Bern, Ökonom. Ges. Lausanne, Soc. d'Agr. de la Suisse Romande. Zürich, Ver. f. Landwirths. u. Gartenbau. Italy: Bologna, Soc. Agraria, Annali. Cagliari, Soc. Agr. ed Econom. Florence, Soc. Econom. ed Agr., Rendiconti. Milan, Soc. Agr. di Lombardia; Soc. Gen. degli Agricolt. Ital.; Soc. d'Incoragg. di Arti e Mestieri, Discorsi. Perugia, Soc. Econom. ed Agr., Atti. Turin, Accad. Reale di Agricolt.; Assoc. Agr. Ital., Esercitazioni. Verona, Accad. d' 'Agricolt. Belgium: Soc. Centr. d'Agricult. (1854), Bull. Ghent, Soc. Roy. d'Agr. et de Bot. Liége, Soc. d'Agr., Journ. (1850, &c.). Verviers, Soc. Industr. et Commerc. (1863), Bull. Holland: Amsterdam, Aardrijskundig Genootschap; Vereeniging voor Volksvlijt. Denmark: Copenhagen, K. Landhuusholdnings Selskab; Det Statist. Tabelvaerk. Norway: Christiania, Polytekniske Forening. Sweden: K. Landtbruks Akademien. Spain and Portugal: Barcelona, Soc. Econom., Actas. Lisbon, Inst. Real de Agric.; Soc. Promotora de Industr. Madrid, Soc. Econom. Matritense, Anales. Oporto, Acad. Polytechn. Russia: Dorpat, K. Livländische Ökonom. Ges., Jahrbuch. Kazan, Imp. Econom. Soc. Moscow, Imp. Soc. of Agriculturists. Odessa, Imp. Agronom. Soc. of S. Russia. Riga, Technical Soc. St Petersburg, Imp. Econom. Soc., Trans.; Technical Soc. Rumania: Bucharest, Soc. Politechnicǎ (1881), Buletinul. South America: Rio de

Janeiro, Soc. de Agr.
XVII. Literature, History and Archaeology
The Congrès International des Orientalistes first met at Paris in 1873.

The Congrès Bibliographique International held its first meeting in 1878, and the Congrès des Américanistes its first meeting in 1875. The first Internat. Conference of Librarians took place in London in 1877. Congresses of Archivists, Librarians and Bibliographers were held at Brussels in 1910. The Royal Society of Literature (1823, incorporated in 1825) with Transactions (4to, 1829-1839; 8vo, 1843, &c.), and the Royal Asiatic Society (1823), with Journal (1834, &c.), have their headquarters in London, as well as the following literary societies, all of which issue publications: Aristotelian (1879), Ballad (1868), Chaucer (1868), Dante (1881), Early English Text (1864), East India Association (1866), Hellenic Studies (1879), Incorp. Soc. of Authors (1884), Institute of Journalists, Irish Lit., Japan (1892), Library Association (1877), Library Assistants (1895), Malone (1906), Oriental Translation Fund (1828), Pali Text (1882), Philological (1842), Roxburghe Club (1812), Shorthand, Viking Club (1892), Wyclif (1882). The Lancashire and Cheshire Historic

Society (1848), at Liverpool, the Manchester Literary Club, with