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Charles Dickens's "Tale of Two Cities," sixteen etchings; the last work he executed for that author.

W. Harrison Ainsworth's "Ovingdean Grange; a Tale of the South Downs." 1860.

"Twigs for Nests; or, Notes on Nursery Nurture," illustrations in graphotype by H. K. Browne and others. 1860.

Charles Lever's "One of Them," 1861; "Barrington," 1862-63.

"Tom Moody's Tales." (Mark Lemon.) 1864.

"Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds" (Surtees), [with John Leech]. 1864.

Charles Lever's "Luttrell of Arran." 1865.

"Ballads and Songs of Brittany," by Tom Taylor, translated from the "Barsaz-Breiz," illustrations by Tenniel, Millais, H. K. Browne, and others. 1865.

Anthony Trollope's "Can You Forgive Her?" (forty plates by Phiz and Marcus Stone.) 1866.

"Dame Perkins and her Grey Mare," by J. L, Meadows. 1866.

And the following.

"The Illustrated Musical Annual" [with Kenny Meadows and Crowquill].

"The Works of Shakespeare," revised from the original text by Samuel Phelps. 2 vols. Numerous coloured plates.

"Wits and Beaux of Society," by Grace and Philip Wharton (Mrs. K. and J. C. Thomson); plates by Brown and Godwin.

"Memoirs of an Umbrella," by G. G. H. Rodwell, sixty-eight engravings by Landells from designs by Phiz.

"Phiz's Sketches of the Seaside and the Country," twenty-eight large plates, tinted mountings; oblong folio.

Smollett's "Adventures of Roderick Random."

Charles Lever's "Con Creggan."

"H. B.'s Schoolboy Days."

"Illustrations of the Five Senses."

George Halse's "Adventures of Sir Guy de Guy."

G. A. Sala's "Baddington Peerage" (in Illustrated Times).

The Abbotsford Edition of "The Waverley Novels," etc., etc.

See also the "Memorial Edition" of Dickens's whole works, with several hundred illustrations by George Cruikshank, H. K. Browne, and others, printed on Chinese paper.