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John held this dignity in 1 133, and died possessed of it

xiii Cal. Maii (19th April)*-". William died xvi Cal. Mar. (14th Feb.) ii54fi. John ue Sarisberia, 1174^^. JoHX OF Exeter, about 1186"*^. AxsELM Crassl's or Le Gros was treasurer in 1205,

and was present at the erection of the deanery 30th

Nov. 1225; and in 1230 was made bishop of St.

David's "^ William de Ralegh held it in 12377- ; and from this

dignity was made bishop of Norwich in 1239"^^ John held it in 1243.

Walter de Molendinis occurs 15th Aug. 1249. John de Bradlegh, collated 20th Jan. 1 264-5. Walter Fitz-Peter enjoyed it in 1267"^. John of Exeter, 1281". Witness to a deed 1284.

Held it in 1286-*^. William dk Bismano occurs in Feb. 1287-8, in 1308,

and iith Sept. 1309"!'. Thomas de Henton was collated 22nd Jan. j 309-1 o7.

He held it in 1321 '9. Richard de Wideslade was collated xvi Cal. Junii

(17th May) 1329 "^o. Bernard de Caris held this office circa 1335. Thomas de Kaynes, 28th Feb. 1350-51^1. Robert de Middeland died in 1367^^.

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