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by the gift of the King i st Oct. 1537: void by the promotion of Alderidge 93 . Ho died in 1543.

Anthony Belasis, LL.D., succeeded 27th April 1543 : void by the death of Cozen'". He died in IS53'-

Jonx St.\ \ di-ii . ST. I\, was admitted 10th Jan. 1552-3, (void by the death of Belasis.) at the presentation of sir Edw. North, knt., 96 but his institution was oblite- rated a few days afterwards.

Hugh Weston, S.T.R, dean of IVestmirutor, was col- lated 22nd Jan. 1555-4: "per subductionem et obli- terationem actus institutionis Standish. ,,< '" II.' was put out of it before 15th Oct. 1558. Ho became dean of Windsor in 1556.

John StanmsHj S.T.P., prebendary of Enhllmnl, was again invested in it. by bishop Bonner's collation, 15th Oct. 155K: void by the removal of Weston 98 . He was deprived soon after queen Elizabeth came to the crown.

John PuLLEYNE was admitted I ;th Dee. 1559, "ad presentationem Reginse :" void by the deprivation of Standish". Be died in 1565'. Il<- was also pre- bendary of Wenlakesbarn

John Calfhill, S.T.Ii.. was collated [6th Jnly 1565: void by the death of Pulleyne 2 . In 1570 he was no- minated to the see of Worcester, but died beforo con- - ration.

(i 1 orge Wythebs, S.T.P., was collated 1 ith Oct. 1570: void by the death of Calfhill >. He died in 1617.

Hknkv King, A.M.. prebendary of St. Pancrae, was col- lated 10th April 1617: by the death ofWytheri

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95 Simon Bellystre is said (Ath. " Ibid. f. 483. Oxon.vol.i. p. 696) to have been ' Reg- Lond. archdeacon here in 1543; but 2 Reg. (irindal, f. 137- this must be an error. ;1 Ibid. f. 137.

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